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In our time, sports betting is one of the fastest growing segments of the global market, and occupies a significant position in the online markets with a share of about 50%.  Next, a graph of the growth of the online sports betting market will be presented.

Now let's get to the point, the MEvU project is a decentralized P2P application that allows users to test their knowledge and skills in team or individual competitions.  Each consumer of the application will be able to independently create individual or team bets in which participants make their bets on the anticipation of the result of a sporting event or on certain sports.  MEvU is using an innovative approach to creating an application that will make it much more effective to warm up the interest of consumers who will compete with each other, rather than with faceless casinos or bookmakers.  

Bets accepted in MEvU can be on any event, in which there are two possible outcomes.  To do this, players agree among themselves (who puts on anything) and then reports on which of them won.  Further, if everything went well, then a commission is withdrawn from the players at a rate of 1.5% (1% on MEvU, and 0.5% in the monthly raffled fund among the owners of the tokens and the Oracle).  But if, however, the players have differences at the stage of determining the winner, then the fee will not be charged and all funds will be returned with a deduction of the "gas" cost to start the contract.

Purpose of the project

Developers of MEvU intend to create the most popular application for betting around the world and exclusively for players, which will be available 24/7.  But also for developers it is an important part to return the bids to the original goal.  That is, developers want to create an application that will return control and power to the hands of consumers, which will make it possible to compete with the world leaders in this field, namely, increasing the excitement and excitement of the player when competing with another player.  

At the very beginning, MEvU will focus on the team and individual consumer bets, but at the same time, without forgetting about its expansion and the addition of new opportunities, for example, introducing the possibility for several players to use additional positions against one, but a larger bet.  And also the addition of special functions for owners of MVU tokens, which will allow to unite and bet on sports events and provably fair games in the casino style.  

Information about ITO

Ticker token: MVU
Platform: Ethereum
Standard: ERC20
Quantity: 104,800,000 MVU
Price: 1 MVU = 0,44 USD
Private sale - from May 21 to June 16, 2018
Pablic sale - from September 10 to October 22, 2018
Soft cap - $ 2,000,000  
Hard cap - $ 24,000,000


Summing up, we can say that the project really looks promising and interesting, because now many rates are negatively affected due to many shortcomings and problems of existing centralized services.  Let's hope that this project will not disappoint us and can radically change the attitude towards the rates.  

Thank you all for reading my article, I hope you liked it and I managed to warm up your interest in this project.  In any case, I advise everyone to follow the links below, where you can find more detailed information about the project from official sources.

Whitepaper (Russian) -
WebSite -
Github -
Facebook -
Twitter -
Reddit -
Bounty Thread -
ANN Thread -;all
Telegram -


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