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They say that man is the king of nature.
Indeed, we - people have a mind and a good mind. But at the same time we influence everything that surrounds us, not always for the better: we build houses and factories where we want; We pump oil and accidentally pour it into the ocean, we have lamps around the clock in offices and shopping centers.
On saving electricity, hardly any of us have an idea.
We are constantly spending the resources of nature, and moreover, the technology with which we extract them, spoil our ecology.
To date, the issue of the environmental situation remains very relevant. It's no secret that the temperature on the Earth rises, and this can lead to serious global warming in the future.
Just the other day I found the Zero Carbon project, which plans to fight climate change on Earth and reduce emissions of harmful substances into the atmosphere.
This IT-startup solves the problem of global warming with the help of blocking technology. One of the main tasks of the project is to accelerate the development of renewable energy sources, which will solve the problem of global warming.

The company's developers came to the conclusion that if to introduce alternative environmental clean energy sources to the masses, this would reduce harmful emissions into the atmosphere.
But the main problem is that owners of harmful industries receive huge revenues, so it is not profitable for them to develop alternative sources of energy.
Thanks to the Zero Carbon project, people will be interested in investing in projects that will save our ecology.
The project works using its own tokens - ENERGIS, based on the ERC-20 technology.

The ENERGIS tokens will be used for settlements for alternative sources. This, the so-called source of "zero carbon." That is, you, using an alternative source, do not create any carbon emissions into the atmosphere and protect it. In turn, part of your payment to ENERGIS tokens for such a source will be returned to you back as a bonus. This is the new benefit for consumers.
Thus, Zero Carbon solves the problem of mankind and creates an alternative for electricity users.
This project makes it possible to purchase its tokens before entering the exchange using ICO. Detailed information about the ICO, as well as in general about the project, you can study below:

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