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Worldopoly is an innovative strategy game for a large number of users, operating in real time.  It is a kind of simulator for the construction of the city, equipped with additional reality and computational technology.  The implementation of the internal electronic currency of WPT allows you to guarantee an incentive from an economic point of view and to involve players in enjoyable gameplay.  

This is a unique game in which you can not draw a clear boundary with reality.  The real cities of the world are a playground for every player, and everyone is given the opportunity to sell or buy plots on them, as well as build houses.  Using AR technology, every player can visit his building and see what happens there.  

Thanks to the use of blockchain technology, users are given the opportunity to sell and purchase real estate directly from Worldopoly.  This is a revolutionary game for mobile devices, which allows you to earn real money directly from your smartphone.  

What problems are solved by the project

Worldopoly allows to solve the main problem of cryptocurrency and blockchain - a misunderstanding from the users.  In the game form, even to beginning players, everything that connects the world of digital coins and real money will become understandable and accessible.  

With the introduction of the blockchain, security problems and slow processing of information are taking second place.  Thanks to the use of this technique in the game, the speed of its operation has greatly increased, which allows to expand the gameplay.  

How the project works

Worldopoly manages to provide a fascinating process of the game, thanks to an excellent combination of augmented reality with geo-positioning and computational technologies of blockchain.  This makes it possible to significantly shift the framework of the game world on cellular communication devices.  

The unification of these technologies occurs purposefully, whereas in other projects of each component a special attention is paid.  

Thus, each element has its own unique contribution to the entire gameplay:

- With the help of the map, it is possible to move real-world objects to the players' smartphone.  

- Thanks to the blockchain, it is possible to provide personal security and data protection.  

- Augmented reality also plays a role, transferring users to the real world and time.  

ICO Terms

The conduct of the procedure for the public sale of domestic coins is one of the main ways to collect the funds needed to ensure uninterrupted operation and further development of projects on the blockchain.  

Worldopoly tokens will be sold with the following conditions:

- A total of 200 million units of domestic currency will be issued.  
- The ICO will receive only a part - 150 million coins.  
- 20 million coins will be sold during pre-sale at a discount price of 35 percent.  
- The cost of one coin is 0.12 dollars.  Tokens will be issued in accordance with the standard ERC 20.

Closed sales will be held from February 26 to April 22.  At the same time, it is planned to sell about 30 million tokens with a discount of 25 percent.  

The preliminary sale is planned to sell 20 million units of internal coins.  It will be held from 23 April to 4 June.  The distribution of discounts will be as follows:

- In the first stage, the discount is 20 percent.  
- The second stage provides a discount of 15%.  
- The third stage is a 10% discount.  

During the main procedure for selling currency, it is planned to sell 100 million units of digital currency.  Dates: June 6 - July 8.  When you buy the first 20% of the total volume of tokens, a bonus of 5% is added.  


In the modern world, a lot of games based on computational technology blockchain.  But, they all differ niche orientation or simple gameplay, providing boring search for objects or other actions of players.

In Worldopoly players are not required to create a game model from scratch, after analyzing the available information. In the game, each user has a unique modeling of the economic situation, which happens in the real world. First of all, this project is aimed at users wishing to understand how the blockchain and cryptocurrency without risking their capital.


Partnership is a key factor in the modern market. The company partners are: Dotcom Ventures; App-Agentur; Lindenva ey; MoxyOne.

The team

The development team has dozens of qualified professionals with extensive experience in the designated field. Key people in the project are:
- Sergei Sergeenko – is the chief technical Director.
- Felix Weinstein is the position of chief operating officer.
- Andrew sencilo heads the creative Department.
- Maria Casanova – head of public relations.
- Ilya Anikin – holds the position of Advisor on issues of public sale of coins.
- Paul Borst – holds the position of Advisor on IT strategy.
- Nathan Christian is a senior Advisor in conducting the ICO.

IСO [26 Feb, 2018 - 21 Jun, 2018]


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