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What is Vidy?
A service that allows you to use your tools and functionality to promote your own website or blog on the Internet, monetize the published content, and also search for high-accuracy materials that will be relevant to the query.

The thing is that the project expands the usual possibilities of video advertising at the expense of a special hidden layer, which is behind the text on any Internet page.

What problems does the project solve?
At the moment, most of the exchanges and advertisers say that the place for placing video content is catastrophically small. Plus, text and pictures are no longer of interest to users, so advertisers are always coming up with new ways to attract attention. For example, large corporations spread promo clips to the network. At the same time, demand for advertising is growing. This is the first problem that the Vidy project will be able to cope with - an increase in the advertising space due to the hidden layer.

The second problem is fraud. In recent years, the percentage of illegal actions has almost doubled, which indicates a lack of confidence between the two sides. Advertisers lose huge sums of money due to the fact that there were simply no displays, or the tags in the commercials were replaced by low-frequency ones. According to analysts Google, over time the situation will only get worse. There is no guarantee not to be deceived, that's why the developers have created the Vidy platform.

It is because of the problems described above that users do not accept advertising, and any videos or pictures cause a negative. A lot of marketers try every day to bring something new, to find customers and to make advertising cause positive emotions. Of course, on the Internet there are many ways to use advertising effectively, so that the information was useful to each user, and also based on the preferences of the person. But all the methods and tools and efforts of people are meaningless due to fraud with the placed advertising content.

Due to the blocking technology, Vidy will allow the online environment to be as transparent as possible, the consequence of this will be the absence of fraud.

How does the platform work?
The site operates using the NLP protocol. Its source code is open, and management is run by the system's miners, which, by the way, is completely decentralized. This type of protocol places ads automatically.

Each of the companies is visible to the advertiser on a special panel. From here, a person will be able to manage or download their own promo clips. Also, the advertiser will be able to regulate or analyze each advertising company, look at the shortcomings and highlight the benefits. The level of work of other sites can also be assessed using a special panel.

The basic functioning of the platform is the decentralized storage of information. Each information about the user will be recorded in block form. Terms of payments, as well as placement rules, will also be recorded. Each embedded criterion will automatically be executed by smart contacts. It is due to this that one of the main problems of advertising will be solved, because in this case the funds will not be wasted. All conditions and resources for publication are agreed in advance, as well as negotiated with the relevant queries.

In my opinion, advertising has long needed a step in the right direction, since the usual banners and pictures are terribly boring. In addition, users negatively spoke about the fact that banners that correspond to the latest requests are constantly popping up. The fact is that Vidy, thanks to its technology, selects the necessary information much more accurately, therefore the advertisement will be unobtrusive and as close as possible to the individual requests of each user. And given the solution to the problem of fraud, the transition of many advertisers to a service is a matter of time.






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