Treon is a new "Utilities token" that reliably and smoothly allows consumers worldwide to easily manage and pay for their telecommunications, energy and water resources.  With the help of consolidated users, the dashboard will be updated on their consumption on one screen and with the process with a single click can instantly pay their bills with the help of Treon (TXO) tokens, other crypt or fiat currencies.  Payment with TXO will reward consumers for loyalty points that can be redeemed for their preferred consumption units.  

So, summarizing the above, I want to highlight the main idea of

the Treon project.  This project offers us the opportunity to pay various accounts around the world, using for this not the usual currency, namely the Trebon crypto currency, which will be used inside the platform.  

The idea of the project at first glance looks quite interesting and promising.  In addition, it is worth noting and the uniqueness of this idea, because such projects are nowhere observed, the Treon project is unique in its kind, which adds to its prospects.  

ICO Treon

At the time of writing, the TXO token sale phase is in progress, which is gradually approaching completion and ends in 7 days (July 17, 2018).  By now, 28248629.53 TXO has already been sold, which is a very serious indicator.  in order to proceed directly to the acquisition of TXO tokens, you must click on BUY TOKEN, and then you will open an authorization form in which you need to enter your information specified during registration.  If the registration is not yet completed, you will need to register to gain access to your private office.  

After the authorization you will be available a personal cabinet, in which all the possibilities for investment are available.  You can invest in BTC and ETH.  For 1 ETH you get 6000 TXO.  Also for the purchase of tokens, the passage of KYC will be necessary.  After the purchase of the tokens, all information about the transactions will be displayed in the personal account.  


The Treon project has a fairly good rating.  Many rating services give a very good evaluation of the Treon project.  For an example, I propose to get acquainted with the evaluation proposed by ICO Bench.  This service evaluates the Treon project with a rating of 3.6 / 5.0, based on the opinion of 4 experts.  This fact is positive and suggests that the Treon project is really very interesting for investors and for various experts.  The evaluation, based on the opinion of several experts, adds objectivity to this project.  

In addition, it is also important to note the status of the ICO KYC Report, which tells us that the members of the Treon team have been verified and officially confirmed their identities, thus ruling out any variant of fraud or deception.  


A very important fact is also that the Treon project already has a ready and functioning platform, which anyone can test by downloading the application for their smartphone based on IOS.  This option is currently only available for smartphones based on IOS, but very soon will also be released application for Android smartphones.  In this factor, I see a huge advantage of the Treon project, since most projects can not offer even a test version of the product, only the idea described in the document.  The Treon project provides us with a ready-made product that anyone can test.  

The result

To summarize, I want to say that I liked the idea of the Treon project.  The main advantages are the uniqueness of this project, as well as the fact that the project already has a ready application created for smartphones based on IOS, which can not boast most of the projects.  I'm sure that the Treon project will be able to achieve great success.

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