ThinkCoin is a trading platform that is capable of forming and securing a trade transaction for a trader through a special TradeConnect system.  The platform is provided with an internal token, through which it is possible to carry out trading operations within the given site.  The TradeConnect network intends to become a guarantor and provide the user with complete securing of transactions by using blocking technology.  The platform is able to manage financial assets during the absence of the user on the network, by using the technologies that are used in the trade.  

Digital assets trading is carried out after checking the ThinkCoin request for a blocking database.  This process does not take much time, it takes place instantly.  This provides the platform participant with fast and reliable transactions.  TradeConnect is a hybrid platform that implements trading operations between traders and performs processing operations.  


There is a problem of mediation in this market segment.  It is this factor that takes the most part from the income of traders, since the transaction involves financial risks, which are associated with a loss of capital.  In turn, brokerage companies earn very well and their monopoly fully suits them.  The trader lacks the flexibility and freedom of action in the decision-making, as there is no transparency.  Trading operations "hang", transactions get stuck - this entails a loss of funds, because during the operation the time plays a big role, the trader's income depends on this.  

How ThinkCoin works

ThinkCoin strives to create a balanced platform where both large companies and traders can trade.  In this process, brokers will be completely absent, which makes it possible to contact directly.  ThinkCoin is a peer-to-peer platform that facilitates the interaction of any transactions related to financial assets.  Each operation is checked through the block, thereby protecting the assets and carrying out the rapid completion of the transaction.  

Functions on which TradeConnect is focused:

- providing security on the platform and establishing trust relationships between network members;  
- a diverse range of investments in investment assets;  
- the ability to carry out trade transactions between users around the world;
- instant transactions within the system;  
- an experienced development team that has worked for many years in the financial industry.  

The TradeConnect site operates in a structured order and is fully automated.  The process of performing trading operations is carried out in full sequence.  The deal involves market makers, buyers and sellers, where each of them has its own role.  

The platform provides for the distribution of the commission among users as a percentage:
- 25% - platform commission;
- 25% - the buyer's commission;  
- 5% - commission of the market maker.  

Advantages of ThinkCoin

- Transparency and security.  High-speed operations are provided with a smart contract, which allows you to quickly and reliably make trading transactions.  
- Hybridism.  This model facilitates the processing of operations at maximum speeds outside the platform.  
- Absence of risks.  This is one of the main components that minimizes and completely "removes" the partner risks associated with trade transactions.  The platform provides a stable and transparent data processing system.  
- Identification system.  TradeConnect allows you to legally trade on the platform due to the availability of KYC and AML.  

Level of hype

The project has a high social confirmation.  Telegramm group has about 20 000 thousand participants, which indicates that the marketing component of the project is well developed.  We also have high ratings from experts on popular resources.  


The TradeConnect platform is focused on creating a quality product for traders.  The market is developing rapidly and technologies are not standing still, but there is not really much that is useful for the financial market.  The ThinkCoin token is intended to cross out third parties - brokers - in the course of trading operations.  Thanks to this, the transaction process will become faster and safer, which in turn will bring more profit only to the participants who participate in the trading operation.

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