Today it's hard to imagine your life without a mobile phone. We use smartphones in virtually every sphere of our life. Because it is convenient and effective. According to statistics, the average person checks their smartphone up to 150 times a day. We search for information, talk, use fitness applications and process photos and videos, visit social networks.

For all the functionality of smartphones, there are millions of applications that it is sometimes difficult to understand. SWIPE offers a comprehensive data analysis platform that emanates from both mobile content providers and consumers.

Problems with mobile content

In fact, the number of different applications is really scary. If you take into account the fact that most free apps use ads for monetization, then it's safe to talk about the repulsive nature of such marketing. The user is uncomfortable to use the application, in which 25% of the time of all work is paid to viewing commercials and messages.

The problem of aggressive marketing will help to solve the SWIPE platform, which is aimed at building recommendations, taking into account the analysis of user behavior. This will help avoid the spontaneous filling of mobile content with advertising and dislike of consumers.

For developers, this moment is of very high importance, because often it is unpleasant for them to fill their product with tons of advertising. With the help of SWIPE platform, mobile application developers will be able to devote more time to content development, without worrying about the regulation of ad units of the application.

The SWIPE platform plans to provide full control over intermediaries with the help of smart contracts, ensure transparency of analytical data and at the same time increase their security.

The main areas of the platform are marketing development, application user behavior analysis, device and network analysis, advanced targeting based on user profile data.

Advantages of SWIPE platform

  • A transparent and analyzed database of users
    Developers will be able not only to analyze data using their application, but also share them with other companies. And also to receive their data. An integrated approach to analytics will allow to improve the quality of content servicing several times.
  • Data movement control
    Developers and users are fully controlled by the agreements on the use and movement of data recorded in smart contracts.
  • Personal content
    Broadband application analytics will allow users to receive improved targeting and get rid of unnecessary information.
  • Rewards
    For providing data for analysis and statistics.
  • Using SWIPE token
    SWIPE Token is a universal tool for interaction within the platform, which provides different possibilities.

Advertisers will be able to purchase advertising packages for SWIPE tokens. At the same time, all details of the transaction are fixed by a smart contract. Developers of the product, in which advertising is introduced, are entitled to a percentage of revenue from its impressions. Remuneration will also be given to users, depending on the number of ads viewed.

The data buyer will be able to buy them using SWIPE tokens, with this part of the amount going to the platform reward.


Clifford Lim Executive Director Clifford has ten years of experience in managing business operations. Managed purchases at IBM and Lenovo.

Andrew Marchen Technical Director Experienced businessman and architect of ICT. Acting adviser of various start-ups. Works in a social, financial and market environment.

Kuay Chong Sean CSO Kuay has more than ten years of experience in start-ups and MNC, including product management and strategic business development in the field of innovation and analytical data. Has a master's degree in software and networking from Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore.

Iyan Waer COO Is a seasonal technologist with experience in the charts of the company's roadmap. Has experience in promoting the product worldwide and in different nationalities.

Prospects for the SWIPE project

Mobile applications will accompany each person for a long time. With the development of mobile technologies and the emergence of new mobile OS will need to create the appropriate applications. And this means that there is a place for the platform not only now, but also in the future. Serious data analytics reforms are a step forward for both developers and users.



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