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Description of the project REMME

Are you tired of hacking and stealing your personal data because of poorly composed passwords? REMME offers a solution that makes passwords unnecessary and completely removes the human factor from any process that requires verification. The experienced team behind the REMME platform has developed an innovative concept of a decentralized protocol called "Public Key Infrastructure" (abbreviated PKI), as well as several auxiliary DApps and a distributed register.

The REMME protocol concept

To shorten the long history based on open source code, the PKI REMME protocol improves performance by updating all IT security components.

The PKI protocol offers four main solutions:

eliminates the need for any centralized method of data storage;
makes the leakage of user credentials impossible;
in 80% of cases it changes weak security methods, replacing the standard password store (PIN codes and user passwords);
minimizes or eliminates the human factor. Thus, there is a minimal risk of password theft.
Key features of REMME
Who can use the services of REMME, applications and tools? Everyone who is interested in protecting their valuable information in the safest way. Think of REMME as a reliable custodian of your personal data - from letters to bank accounts. REMME offers a non-trivial solution, bypassing password protection of any type.
Its unique PKI protocol makes it possible to use several truly innovative features, especially for business owners, even in the market of creative decentralized applications and services.
Here are these functions:

Blocker instead of certification There is no need for any certification center - your business can save money and its data with the help of smart blockchain technology.

Authentication without a password Instead of filling out user forms or complex passwords, REMME offers a solution with one click, which is equally simple and 100% secure.

Instant registration Unlike similar decentralized services, REMME offers instant registration. You do not need to wait for the next block to grow in the chain or pay commissions for speeding up the registration.

Support for the most famous messenger services and applications. REMME protocol uses bots for the most reliable instant messengers. The registered user receives a verification token sent through the selected message service.

Users can have multiple accounts for different purposes. A user can freely register with an unlimited number of accounts on the REMME platform. Thus, users can get free SSL certificates. When entering a login, you can choose which account you want to use.

Other advantages of the project:

the platform was developed by a very experienced team of developers who previously worked on the development of decentralized services and tools;
on the official site there is a technical documentation translated into several languages;
adequate deadlines for accomplishing tasks in the roadmap;
the project sign (REM) has a reliable conversion rate in ETH (at the time of writing, 1 REM = 0.00002796 ETH);
REMME has a potentially large target audience and several competitors;
the concept is confirmed by the PKI protocol;
REMME has tremendous potential for popularity and constant growth.
REMME makes it possible to forget about the use of passwords and to increase the security of your personal data at a deeper level. In fact, you can even develop your own security protocols based on the PKI system.

Author's opinion

In my opinion, the project simply must have! Imagine only - do not need to register anywhere several times, just press one button and you are already: logged in to the social network, logged into the computer account at work or at home, logged in to the online store and so on. And most importantly - your data can not be faked!

First of all, the project will be popular and in demand in companies, where they pay due attention to information security. Such companies each year spend not one million rubles on the safety of their data. REMME is the cheapest and most secure solution!



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