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Who watches the development of the Crypto-currency, and the market as a whole, knows that now all cryptology is going through not the best of times. On the market since the beginning of the year, there is a downward trend, many investors are beginning to lose interest in crypto-currencies, as if there is a loss of confidence both to the crypto-currencies themselves and to their future.
It's only at first glance, I will not be given into the analysis of the current state of the market, I will simply say that in my opinion now there are manipulations in the market, in order to force as many holders and investors to reduce their positions or go on sale. Recently, a lot of projects have come on the market that will not only improve our daily life, but will also make a breakthrough in the promotion of the crypto currency to the masses. One such project is FuzeX.
Imagine you come to any store where payment can be made using a bank card and using a plastic card from the project FuzeX, you pay for goods or services with crypto currency.
In the future, I'm sure the world will refuse from fiat money and in place will come crypto-currencies, and all this will happen and thanks to such projects as FuzeX, you can also easily use crypto-currencies as a means of payment.

In addition, with the solution from the FuzeX project (FuzeX cards and FuzeX wallet), you can simultaneously store up to 30 digital accounts in one smart card. Integration with both your smartphone and various POS devices will occur very quickly and easily. And most important of all this is certainly security, the project team paid special attention to security, the smart card will have an access code with 2FA and an alert in case of loss.
Just below you can watch the video, how quickly payment will be made using the smart card FuzeX.

And I want to note that at FuzeX I see a very high growth potential, because a very promising direction and with a massive introduction of the product will be explosive growth. The project also successfully attracted 40,000 aether funds, and all funds were raised for pre-sale, although the pre Sale stake was only 20,000 airs, which indicates a high demand and trust from investors to the FuzeX project.
And in the next review, I will dwell on the technology and principles of the project and the project team FuzeX.



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