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EON project overview

The mobile games market is developing at a rapid pace. So, for example, in 2017 the turnover of this industry grew by 20% compared to 2016 and amounted to more than 50 billion dollars. With the development of new technologies in 2018, the popularity of gaming applications will only grow.

But almost all the profits are received by the largest companies that have become industry leaders and monopolists. Talented developers can not bring their products to the market, as a significant part of the budget must be spent on integrated product marketing. But even a well-thought-out advertising campaign does not allow competitors to start-up developers with giants of the industry, such as Apple, Google, Steam.

Block-project EON is able to completely change the mobile games market. The team already has experience in creating gaming applications on the blockroom and plans to launch a platform on which everyone can create their own crypto game. The platform will create equal starting conditions for all developers, and will also undertake marketing tasks.

The main tasks set by the project team:

- To improve the mobile games industry with the help of block technologies
- Reduce the marketing costs of developers and reduce the competition between them
- Reduce the cost of mobile games for users
- To popularize mobile games on the block

What technical problems are important for the mobile gaming industry can to solve the block-platform?

- Convenient system of payments. Large platforms, such as, for example, the App Store, offer different methods of payment. But mobile games can also be placed on specialized online resources of any particular country. And if only local currency payments are possible on this site, developers face technical difficulties, and in this situation it is more difficult for them to control the turnover of money.
- Optimization of the budget for the promotion of the game. The block-platform will allow analyzing the user's behavior, all activity will be recorded in smart contracts. This will reduce the risk of attracting fake traffic. In addition, the EON project team offers tools that will help motivate users to participate in promoting the game they like.
- Full transparency of the system. Developers will see how effective these or other advertising channels are, they will be able to measure conversion and calculate ROI. Blocker will protect developers from user-fake users and twisted statistics.

What components will the EON platform consist of?

- Referral program. This is the key development of the project team. Users of the platform will be able to promote the game they liked through a referral smart contract and receive bonuses. Such interaction is transparent: developers receive only high-quality traffic, and participants - reward in EON tokens.
- Platform for promoting mobile games. This section will resemble a PlayMarket or App Store, but only with the use of a blockbuster. Developers will be able to add their games to this site.
- Community of gamers. This section will be created to communicate with gamers. Each of them will have a personal profile containing information about the user, about his interests and achievements. Module for developers. In this section, developers can add new games or simply update them, view statistics and referral smart contracts.
- The architecture of the EON platform includes on-door and off-chechen elements. The project will operate on the basis of Ethereum, the basis of its functioning will be technology POS, Sharding and Plasma. All financial transactions will be carried out using EON tokens.

ICO conditions:

ICO starts on July 25. Hard cap will be 30 000 ETH. At 0.028 ETH, it will be possible to purchase 21,000 EON tokens. Project team: The EON project team consists of highly qualified specialists who worked in the largest companies, such as Facebook, Oculus. The creators of the project are founders of the multinational company EON Foundation, and also have experience developing games on the blocker 2.0. The most successful and famous project was the game CryptoAlpaca. In addition, the project has qualified consultants with experience in the mobile games industry.


Among the partners of the project there are major developers of online games.



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