Review ICO EON (EOT)

The computer industry is well developed around the world. Computer games are becoming popular with games for mobile phones. For today, the usual game costs about 15 US dollars. According to some reports, the total total volume of the computer games industry in 2017 exceeded $ 117 billion. In the same year, the total turnover of games should go to a level of 250 billion. With each new year this figure will gradually increase. According to some analysts, the figure can easily move beyond a trillion dollars.

According to the above indicators, you can see that the market is constantly growing. This is indeed so. However, there is one important point that many do not pay attention to. The fact is that the mobile games market is a place that is rich in monopolies. The main ones are Google, Steam and Apple. According to some reports, only 4 market participants belong to the lowest, about 97% of the total turnover of $ 117 billion. This situation leads to the fact that applications that can be very useful, just can not get out of the vicious circle. You can not monetize for a number of reasons. Of course, many agree with large companies, but it can not last forever. And such contracts are not concluded for a couple of hours. As a rule, it takes a sufficient amount of time to specify all the details. Some of the developers do not expect a positive solution to the issue and go to the network themselves, offering their own developed products in the mobile applications market.

However, very often it happens that for a small inexperience and not very high degree of security, hackers and scammers hack into developer accounts and subsequently steal not only the content, but also the personal data of users. This leads to large financial and reputational losses. To prevent this from happening again, the EON project enters the market. The development team is setting ambitious goals. One of them will solve the issue of project monetization.

The project aims to move the entire game world into the realm of blockade. On a new version of the decentralized site, to enable new projects to solve difficult software tasks for the interaction of players and developers who create these games. The platform will use smart contracts. They will allow you to conduct the most honest transactions on the network based on honesty and full transparency. In particular, the project solves the problem of monetization. Now the creators of the games will be able to manage their project themselves. To do this, the internal platform token will also be available. In some ways, he will determine the fate of the project.

The technology of the platform is completely built on the blockbuster. However, this is not quite the usual blockbuster. Developers represent the second level of the decentralized system. It is made in such a way that it eliminates all possible problems that are associated with the blocking of the first version. This allows you to remove a large number of errors and become a more perfect platform for solving, in particular, gaming tasks. In addition, this technology provides an increased level of security. Scammers will not be able to use user data or any other confidential information for a simple reason. All data is stored in the blockroom, and therefore in separate blocks. Each block is a sequential chain. To get any specific information, you need to access a specific block. To access it, you need to crack the previous one. Thus, the chain grows and hack one block is not possible. In addition, due to the use of decentralization, scammers do not know exactly where to "take" information. It can be stored in completely different places, which makes it difficult at times to work for hackers and scammers.

The ICO project will begin on July 25, 2018. The platform set a goal - to collect 30 thousand ETH. The price is 1 EON = $ 0.028.



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