REVIEW ICO EON - Blockchain Game Platform

Last year, the turnover of the global game industry amounted to $ 17 billion.  At the same time, most of all the earned funds were distributed among several monopolized corporations.  The problem is that giants like Steam do not allow small companies to prove themselves in the market.  The EON project offers an effective solution to this injustice.  

The essence of the project EON

EON is a decentralized online platform, created to distribute games among ordinary users.  Everyone will be able to place on EON their game development, without spending huge amounts on marketing.  Instead, the creators of the games will be able to invest in improving their development.  This will move the gaming industry forward, which is the goal of the EON team.  

The platform itself will become a kind of connecting link between game developers and the players themselves.  They will find each other right within the framework of the project.  This will reduce cash costs and will save time, which will be beneficial for both parties.  

The EON project was already launched about 4 years ago, but crashed because of low popularity.  It is noteworthy that at that time the blocking technology with all its advantages was not yet based on it.  Now the creators of EON have taken into account and corrected past mistakes and are ready to restart their improved brainchild.  The platform will start on July 25, 2018.  

Principle of operation

The EON platform operates on the basis of blocking technology, which makes it possible to conduct financial transactions quickly and safely using the crypto currency.  Blocking allows players not to worry about converting payments, fluctuating exchange rates, etc.  This technology also makes it possible to bypass all financial constraints that are set by governments of different countries.  The EON platform will be equally beneficial for users from a variety of countries.  

- Smart contracts
Traffic platform will be tracked using smart contracts.  Thanks to them, the administration will be able to monitor the actions of players and protect themselves from dishonest users.  If someone breaks the rules of the platform, it will immediately become known to everyone.  Such openness of information ensures that any operations that are conducted inside the EON are honest and accurate.  Theft of funds from other accounts, the leakage of personal information, the incorrect distribution of winnings - all this remains in the past.  

- Own token
The EON project has its own token, built on the proven ERC20 scenario.  Due to its availability, users do not have to pay commissions and mandatory fees for using the platform.  This will increase the profitability of each game creator.  Moreover, everyone who actively increases the popularity of EON on the network will receive a monetary reward in the form of tokens.  

Distribution of profit

The EON team has already decided how the tokens will be distributed.  20% of all proceeds will be directed to the reserve fund of the project.  It is necessary to increase the popularity of the platform on the network.  18% of profit will go to the advisers and the main partners of EON.  The same number will be given to all the team members who worked on the creation, improvement and promotion of the project.  Long-term investors will receive 20% of all profits.  The remaining funds will go to maintain the ecosystem and encourage users: both game developers and active players.  


Summarizing all of the above, we can distinguish the following advantages of the EON project:

1. Presence of own token.  This completely excludes cash costs for using the platform.  
2. No problems with verification.  Outsiders in no way can disrupt the work of the decentralized platform.  
3. Reliable team.  The EON project was created by a man named Aron Louis - an early investor in Bitcoin, who has experience in launching projects that work on the basis of modern blockbuster technology.  
4. Interest from investors and users.  EON has already sparked heated discussions in the online games industry.  It is expected that he will become the most powerful popularizer of video games, created on the basis of the blockchain.



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