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Everyone knows what poker is.  Many play, someone watches, someone plays even professionally.  In this article, I would like to talk not about poker itself, but about the Cryptonia project, which takes poker to a new format and level.  

The essence of the project

The company decided to combine online poker with BlockChain technology.  If everything will be as planned by the company, then this will be a real breakthrough in the gaming industry.  What are the advantages?  And there are a lot of advantages: the highest speed of transactions when you enter and withdraw funds, all user data will be reliably saved, and secure storage of funds in the online project system will also be ensured.  The project team set a goal to make such a platform that all users were comfortable to use, the functionality was very extensive.  

What problems can this platform solve?  

The most common problems that a platform can solve:
- Impossibility to fully control your funds in the usual online platforms;  
- Sufficiently long terms for the input and output operations;  
- Blocking of certain players without explanation;  
- Fraud.  

Such problems are not so common, but there are many cases where even experienced players have fallen into similar situations.  The Cryptonia project solves these problems, it allows all users to play poker without worrying about the problems they might have faced before.  

Many of these solutions are based on the use of their own tokens, which are issued by the company.  Due to this, the company will be able to overtake the development of competitors in the gaming industry.  

Traditional online gaming sites are different in that the transaction takes time, often quite a long time.  The Cryptonia project completely solved this problem, and players from all over the world can replenish the game account in seconds or withdraw money from it.  

User data is stored on separate servers, which ensures high safety of personal data, so players can not worry, information will not fall into the hands of third parties.  
Fraud can be brought to nothing.  All users will be protected by two-factor authentication.  

Terms ICO

Official Token of the project - CPC
Token developed on Ethereum
Standard ERC20
ICO will be held from May 1 to July 1, 2018
Total planned to release 1 billion CPC


The team is formed from real professionals not only in the field of poker, but also in the field of BlockChain technology.  Everyone has a huge experience behind him that will help in all the undertakings of the project, the embodiment of the most ambitious decisions.


Cryptonia can really start a new era in the gaming industry, so a revolutionary solution will make its adjustments to the established rules, increase the trust of players, make the game more comfortable and faster.  An excellent and very promising project, to which I wish further rapid development.

IСO [10 April, 2018 - 01 Jul, 2018]


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