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The availability of medical advice is still one of the priority issues of the entire health care system. This is especially true for regions and settlements remote from the European part of Russia, located far from major cities. Sometimes specialists who are able to correctly decipher the analysis, as well as provide comprehensive advice on health, just not close.

The project that was launched in early 2018 will be able to solve this problem. Doctor Smart became the first block-platform in Russia, which is a service for getting medical advice online. Now, in order to communicate with a reliable and experienced therapist, a nutritionist, a psychologist or other narrow specialist, you do not need to stand in lines - just go to the project site and use its capabilities. First and foremost, it is getting a quality consultation in a short time and a small amount. Moreover, you can talk with doctors from anywhere in the world.

Also, the platform provides an opportunity for online records in the laboratory, a hospital or a clinic for the delivery of tests, the choice of the most convenient for visiting medical institutions. After examination or delivery of analyzes, the results can be uploaded to the personal account of the project participant and stored on the platform, while remaining accessible at any time. It is planned that in the future Doctor Smart will cooperate with all clinics, a large number of doctors, and also with fitness centers, insurance companies, etc. He will collect data from various devices that people use (for example, fitness trackers) and, thanks to the information received, as well as the already available data in the personal cabinet, to predict the state of health of the user, to warn him about the development of possible diseases.

Within the framework of the project, it will be possible to analyze medical images for the presence of diseases - for example, blood smear scans, eye fundus images, etc. This opportunity will be of interest to both patients and doctors. Also Doctor Smart will allow you to check the recipes and recommendations of various specialists for "correctness". This will improve the quality of medical services provided. The check will be carried out thanks to the technology of artificial intelligence, which was once tested in the clinic "Medicine". The system will monitor the correctness of appointments, comparing a specific situation with a medical database around the world. Recommendations will be checked by specialists. This will avoid the simultaneous administration of two incompatible drugs.

The uniqueness of the project lies in the fact that it will work on the basis of blocking technology. Thanks to this, users can be sure that they will receive a high-quality service. Doctors who will advise users will be required to confirm the availability of necessary certificates and undergo special testing. And documents and test results can not be faked. Already, contracts have been signed with more than 430 clinics and medical services, including the network of Citilab laboratories. Users who signed up for testing for them will then receive the results and decryption in electronic format. It is planned that soon for the diagnosis to be made, patients will not need to have a paper direction - just install the Doctor Smart application on the phone and demonstrate that the service has been paid for. The bloc will also be used for financial transactions. Inside the system, all calculations will be made in tokens. The client sees the cost of the service in them, but can pay by usual bank card or in another way.

Details of the project:

Token: DSTT

Standard: ERC20

Platform: Ethereum

Quantity: 50,000,000 DSTT

Cost: 1 DSTT = 1 ETH

End of public sales: July 30, 2018

Consultations that can be obtained within the framework of Doctor Smart platform, on Quality will not be inferior to those that doctors give internally. And the project will not only make doctors' consultations more accessible, but will enable users to receive medical services on a completely new level.

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