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The main goal of the Quant Network project is the development of a new and improved blockchain that will in future eliminate the main limitations of the current technology with one register. In turn, the single register does not have the interoperability of the work in the system and all the operational problems of decentralized applications will depend on the operation of a single register. 

Main tasks of the project

The main problem of all operating block circuits is the inability of different blocks to communicate with each other. It is not necessary to go far. Take all the known smart contracts for Ethereum, which can not be related to the blocking of the Hyperledger protocol. Naturally, if all the strongest SEO developers of the world are pursuing the goal of uniting the blockchain of different levels, then there should be no barriers to various start-ups and technologies, from payment instruments to buying music content.

Many analysts predict that in the next decade, the blockade will become a part of our life, and it is necessary to eliminate those obstacles created by powerful groups of crypto-currency. Although on the other hand, it seems that the block has infinite possibilities, but the obvious limitations can suddenly stop the development of block-chain technology in principle. 

Ecosystem Quant Network clearly sees the problem from within, and the inability to "communicate" blockchains with each other leads to the lack of interoperability of different in the structure of ecosystems. In order to seamlessly implement the tasks set, it is necessary to create special conditions for recognizing transactions by purpose. Suffice it to mention such a fact, think, why are promising smart smart contracts that do not contain the open code necessary to fulfill the conditions in other blockchain? 

To solve the set tasks, the ecosystem has developed a number of fundamental solutions:
• Creating the Enter Overledger, this will be the first compatible Internet decentralized platform that will ensure the development of applications. 
• The implementation of Overledger will enable you to unlock and in the future distribute the value for the application that will be used in current and future smart contracts. 
• The application will have an agnostic nature of execution, where all networks and blockchains of the world will be connected, but its use will not be limited to the work of one supplier or technology. 
• The Overledger application will be the only platform where the conditions for creating Internet scaling for decentralized, multi-purpose applications will be facilitated. 

How will the tasks be implemented in practice? 

Seo-developers argue that the true goal of the project is to uncover the existing potential of the blockade and unlock the restrictions that are now being observed. Ultimately, the new technology will create great opportunities for technical and organizational solutions in various industries and human activities:
• Enterprise. Production companies can realize their projects without the burden of binding in the blockchain-technology, and do not depend on the requirements of the suppliers. Manufacturers will have access to new technological solutions, to master new markets without being tied to risky commitments. 
• Individuals. Individuals can exchange information and trust their data only to a certain range of suppliers, while all actions will not depend on the structure and technical part of the various protocols of the detachment. 
• Healthcare. The patient data record will store information in the unique global structure of the HIE exchange data, making the information available to both the patient and the treating organization. The patient can store his data forever and pass on information to his heirs, where in the future doctors will be able to determine the true problem of genetic diseases. 
• Governments. The destruction of the barriers of bureaucracy will allow citizens, organizations and governments to effectively interact to solve vital problems and situations.Blokchein will allow to solve immediate problems without having to resort to complex bureaucratic methods of interaction. 

Why Choose Quant

An experienced team of SEO developers from London knows about the existing problems of the blockchain, and to reduce risks, a unique Quant Network project was created. Leading specialist and founder of the company is Gilbert Verdian, who connected to work an experienced team, who previously worked in key seo-groups on the development and promotion of block-technology. 

The roadmap project began in 2016. During 2017, various studies were carried out to realize the main ideas of the project. In December 2017, the company received an official patent for its development. From December 19, 2017 to February 18, 2018, the pre-ICO project took place. In March-April 2018, a full-scale ICO is underway. In the second quarter of 2018, it is planned to implement the SDK protocol with open source v0.1a. in the 3rd quarter of 2018 the issue of Quant SaaS will be released. At the end of Q4 2019, the Quant App Store is planned to be launched. 

About Quant tokens

• Token Token - QNT 
• Work platform - Ethereum, based on the ERC20 standard
• Crypto currency for payment - ETH, XBT
• Country of verification - Switzerland
• Softcap of the project - $ 5 million
• Hardcap - $ 40.6 million or 31 million QNT tokens
• The minimum amount is 5 QNT
• Whitelist - KYC
• Cost of 1ETH = 687 QNT
• Within pre-sale, 15 million QNT will be available, under Pre-TGE and 16 million tokens
• A "hard cover" is installed in the amount of 31 million QNT


Followers for hype are represented in the main social networks - Telegrams, Twitter, Slack. 

The main tasks of the project are planned in the future in 40 countries, which are friendly to the crypto industry.

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Website: https://www.quant.network/
Telegram: https://t.me/QuantOverledger
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Twitter: https://twitter.com/quant_network
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/quantnetwork
Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCsz53-6ZYJCI0TtE4M_kdkA
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