I welcome you dear readers on my Crypto Exchange Blog. For today I have prepared for you a project called DAEX and all that is associated with it. In our time, the rapid development of the Internet, and more people are moving to the use, or storage of criptour assets. It's no secret that cryptography has taken its niche in society, as evidenced by the constant discussion of this topic in the media. Perhaps you are thinking right now about the purchase of any kind, promising in your opinion crypto-currency. But despite all these things, despite the rapid development of cryptographic, it has certain overcoming disadvantages. One of the main drawbacks is the enormous variety of exchanges and exchangers, which are often either fraudulent or not very profitable for sales operations. A novice and even an experienced curt-exchange trader often has to pick up different exchanges in search of the best and most reasonable offer. All these negative factors and cause the appearance of such interesting and useful projects as DAEX. Developers create this project just to solve this kind of problem. Perhaps there are still more questions than answers, so let's look more and more clearly on the shelves.

Let's start our more detailed analysis and we will immediately understand what is all this DAEX? DAEX https://www.daex.io is a decentralized platform based on modern technology blockchain, which will represent the krypton exchange market. You might think that what's needed at all is the next crisis-exchange exchange, which is already huge. To the general happiness, the answer to this question is quite simple. DAEX will not just be a Cripp exchange currency, it will be a kind of single wallet, which unites under its wing a huge number of existing exchanges associated with cripto-exchange assets.

The connection of all the Cryptoexchange exchanges at the sole beginning and the creation of a single purse, will make life easier for all people who have decided to contact the sale and purchase of Crypto-Currency Assets. Often it happens that no rare coins exist only on unknown, little-used exchanges, which causes serious difficulties in their search and ultimately, ultimately, buyers. For all of us, investing in certain ciphers will be an order of magnitude simpler and more affordable. But let's not neglect the owners of exchanges, which in turn will receive a ready-made client base, on which their direct income depends.

The system will be built not on a single base but on decentralized Blockchain technology. On the platform, in turn, smart contracts will also be used to ensure transactional reliability, honesty and transparency. Blocchin technology minimizes the user's risk of losing your account, since its data will be securely protected by the device itself.

Also, this project will have its own token inside the platform, the name of which is oddly DAEX https://www.daex.io. Token will be used for trading on the platform, and will also be profitable in use, as it will reduce the commission for trading operations. They will be able to pay for a trading account, as well as pay a fee for translations.

In conclusion, sum up a few things. This project is essentially unique in its kind, but it is uniquely strong. The developers, about which we will talk in the next review, put their main task to create a unified eco-system combining under its wing all existing stock exchanges. So good intentions, many times will make life easier for those people who actively use and buy cryptocurrency assets. From myself I want to add that personally I will really benefit from the project.

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