High Performance Blockchain

Hello. Today I want to tell you about a project called High Performance Blockchain. On his main idea, the team, the main advantages, prospects, as well as an incredibly interesting and convenient bounty program.

HPB is a platform whose main goal is to improve all projects using blocking, by accelerating transaction bandwidth and solving the problem of scalability.


Let’s talk a little about the HPB team. The founder of the platform is Wang Xiao Ming. For many years, this man was an innovator in the field of detachment, and also wrote three books about this technology. Wang Xiao Ming is a member of Unit Pay, and is also associated with Neo. Agree, an impressive summary.

All his team Wang Xiao Ming collected from such giants as Intel, Huawei and other Chinese companies.

As for the consultants, they include: UnionPay executive president, winner of the physics prize and president of Dongfang Fuhua (one of the most successful funds).

Among other things, HPB has created a completely new technological innovation called the Blockchain Offload Engine (BOE).

BOE connects to the network 2P2 to other devices using Gigabit Ethernet or Gigabit 10.

To date, HPB has been cooperating with UnionPay (which is not surprising, if you look again at the list of consultants) in the field of tracking, certification and authorization of large data.

Main advantages of HPB

So, what are the main advantages of HPB? How does this platform differ from, for example, the same EOS?

First, HPB is hardware, not just software. And since the progress of hardware is faster than software, the future scalability for HPB is much simpler.

High Performance Blockchain, unlike EOS, is compatible with the virtual machine Neo and Ethereum.

And one more important advantage of HPB is the road map. While EOS still distributes tokens and is in alpha phase, HPB has already launched tesnet, that is, a test version of the platform.

The developers plan to fully submit the finished project in late 2019. After that, the plans to launch an extensive advertising campaign, and in 2020 to bring the platform to the global market for mass use and further improvement.

Bounty program

More recently, High Performance Blockchain has launched a so-called bounty program, in which it distributes 100,000 HPB tokens to the participants of the event. Unlike other bounty programs, HPB uses the candydrop.io platform, which has already proved itself, among the bounty, on the positive side.

The first thing I want to mention is convenience. All tasks are displayed in your account. No tables and reports on the forums. We went, completed the tasks, got their points, which, in the future, you will exchange for HPB tokens. The exchange rate is still unknown, but the administrators promise to publish the tablet next week.

Also in the program there is an 8-level referral system. What does it mean? For example, you invited your friend to the program and got 5 points for it. And your friend, in turn, called another person. For him you will also receive a certain number of points. And so on.

The bounty program will last 9 more days (there is even a counter in the private office).

By the way, I forgot to say that HPB tokens are already traded on 5 exchanges. The price of 1 token, to date, is $ 1.8.

I leave you a link to the project site: http://www.hpb.io

Email: yulianna101@gmail.com

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