Kind time of the day, friends!  Today I want to offer you an overview of a fairly interesting and promising ICO - ThinkCoin.  

The idea of ​​this company is to create one terminal that allows you to trade several assets on the block, that is, it will be a kind of stock exchange where you can trade at once from different points and different stock exchanges.  Of course, the idea of ​​the project is quite interesting.  Let's consider in more detail.  

The main task of the company

The main goal of the company is to use the security of blocking technology, where each user can safely conduct trades financially from anywhere in the world.  With ThinkCoin, every transaction takes place instantly, rather than stretching for hours and days.  TradeConnect will provide an opportunity for users to conduct trading by any means with the rest of the traders anywhere in the world.  It uses a combined trading model where each transaction is processed outside the network, but it will be fixed in a block-chain using smart contracts.  

The principle of operation and advantages of this platform

ThinkCoin will solve the above tasks by creating the newest P2P trading network, which will be called TradeConnect.  It will give all the resources for trading all kinds of means of payment anywhere in the world.  

Consider the advantages of this platform:

-Accessibility and transparency.  
-Instant and simple transactions are within the power of any user.  
-The simplest trading calculations, to conduct them quite conveniently and simply.  
-Also, the platform is aimed at increasing the trader's experience.

Overview of the preparation of the company

In the official tweet and on the company's website, we can see a large number of reports on the participation in various events of the international plan, as well as quite a few exhibitions visited: in Vietnam, Berlin, Hong Kong and Singapore, in general a huge number of countries visited, therefore  on the preparation of the company can put a big plus to their merits.  Then you can consider how the company will develop in the future.  

In the near future the trading terminal will be launched, it may be connected to forex, other various exchanges will also be connected.  On the promotion in the near future is still quite succinct, so just waiting for the results.


The team is very numerous, a lot of different areas and positions, both management-related and development-related.  The TradeConnect development team is one of the leading experts in the global financial industry and has many years of experience in the financial sector.  The project includes a fairly strong and qualified team, able to bring the project to the highest level in the shortest time, we will hope that they will succeed.  


In conclusion, I want to say that the team has a great advantage due to the fact that a huge potential has already been laid down: it is a big company, with a lot of employees and offices, they have already created a good application.  Therefore, all prospects for a successful start and good fees they have.

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