Review ICO EON (EOT)

The development of the field of video games in recent times gained momentum, especially with the advent of VR technologies. The field for development and fantasy has become larger, and this aspect, of course, has its drawbacks. For example, marketing. Because the market is filled with large corporations and each of them wants to promote their product, and not give way to projects without sufficient funding. And the coolness of the idea of ​​developers here is not at all. Ultimately, this leads to the fact that developers spend much more time on the promotion of their project than on its development. And some introduce unnecessary and annoying players monetization where there is no need, just to cover the cost of advertising. In both cases, projects simply do not survive. The EON project team wants to solve this problem.

What is it?

EON is a secure platform that will allow independent developers to enter the gaming market without problems with huge spending on advertising. The platform will be secure, with the help of blocking technologies, help protect copyright and offer its development directly to users. So it will be possible not only to play games, but this possibility is provided, but also to share them with other users. Thus, the advertisement will be provided by the players themselves. Which, in turn, means that only those games that are really interesting and have potential will gain popularity. Moreover, such advertising will be more honest. In addition, the platform will avoid the services of intermediaries and the product will fall directly from the developers to consumers, and placement will not cost anything - the commission is excluded.

Advantages and opportunities

The main focus of the project is to help developers enter the world of mobile games as easily as possible. Now almost all projects about half of their budget are invested in advertising and promotion, but on EON this will not happen. Blocking technology will not only help to protect developers and consumers, but also transactions between them, but also make this process as transparent as possible. This is designed not only to encourage developers to freely develop their projects, but also to do it qualitatively.

Decentralization of the platform in turn will reduce the costs of working on the platform. That is, the EON team as much as possible removed from the developers all questions about the costs of "outside" the scope of the project.

Among the advantages, you can also note the following points:

  • The gaming business will receive a new stage for development.
  • Ease of use for all users.
  • Searching in the system will help consumers and developers find each other faster.
  • For simplicity and speed of work on the platform, an internal EON token has been created, which will ensure the security of transactions.

The system of smart contracts will ensure full transparency, and the problem with fake traffic will be solved independently.


Token: EOT
Platform: Ethereum
Type of the token: ERC20
Total number of tokens: EOT
Cost of one token: 1 EOT = 0.0280 USD (0.00004760 ETH)
HardCap: 15.000.000 USD.

The EOT Token is designed to support the system and pay for services inside it. Opportunities to purchase them and spend will be offered to the masses, which will contribute to the development of the platform and its domestic economy.


The team includes a large number of professionals. Some of them specialize exclusively in crypto-currencies, someone on game development, and someone has behind him an impressive track record of working in Facebook and Google teams. Among the main persons:

  • Aron Lyu. At one time I was engaged in the development of the block system for Bitcoin.
  • Tao Hu. He has many successful projects, one of the main among them is the development of Oculus virtual reality glasses in Facebook.
  • Mark Nedzelskii. In the team, the role of public relations specialists plays a role.
  • Sunny Sun. Specialist in development in the block. Once was an engineer in Facebook.
  • Hao Dong. Specialist of ACM and financier.
  • Will Lee. Has the most experience in the team. For a long time he was engaged in the development of applications, and as much as possible was able to reveal his talent in marketing.

These are just the main persons of a large, multinational pro team who gathered for the sake of implementing EON.

The result of the project with a successful development will certainly attract a lot of attention. And the chances for this are very high, given the professionalism of the team and the relevance of their ideas. Also very important is the fact that the project is already working and attracts investors, users are already there and with their feedback can be found. A large number of developers will be able to offer development to a wide range of users and not be afraid for the safety of their data, which is a big plus. However, in this situation it will be no less interesting to look at the reaction of large gaming corporations that can easily lose the working mechanism that allows them to maintain a kind of monopoly.



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