The market for mobile applications is constantly growing.  A couple of years ago, around the world, applications in smartphones were not so widespread as they are now.  However, peace and technology are not standing still.  They constantly move forward.  New applications, new markets and services for mobile use are being created.  According to some reports, the mobile games market is estimated at more than 115 billion US dollars.  This is a very good indicator.  In addition, it is constantly growing.  You can say that it raises every day.  In the same application stores, you can track the change in the mobile market.  There are constantly emerging new games and services that can improve a person's life.  In some cases, simplify it.  Entertain and give pleasure during your free time.  

The figure of 115 billion dollars is still growing.  First of all, this is due to the fact that more and more players are entering the market, as we discussed above.  However, there are some shortcomings and problems in this industry.  The main one is the high cost of quality games for smartphones and a lot of competition.  Make a good application that would be 100% successful is difficult.  It is necessary to invest a lot of money and try to break another competitive wall.  If this succeeds, then the project can shoot.  But even in a broader population, not every quality game can easily enter.  In fact, the mobile market today is a kind of monopoly.  Small start-ups can hardly get their share of the market even with a good game.  

The EON project will try to solve this problem.  This is a platform that will ensure equal conditions for all developers during the start of the project.  The site will use blocking technology in its work.  It has already become commonplace for many platforms and services that enter the market.  Mobile applications are also no exception.  Over the past four years, the industry has been gradually changing.  In particular, the blockade is being introduced there.  The technology begins to be used when creating mobile games.  The first such game was released in 2014 in the winter season.  It was the first mobile game in the world where decentralized technologies were applied.  

But the market has also gradually changed.  Rapid growth of applications caused the introduction of another similar technology - Ethereum.  It began to be introduced already at the development stage and as a result the mobile entertainment industry became even more popular.  In connection with the introduction of the latest technology in the EON project, it receives such advantages as: increased security, easy accessibility, ease of use, the possibility of free use.  Today, work is also underway to create games on blocking technology 2.0 and 3.0.  

The EON platform applies the latest innovations and technologies to create its own service.  Due to the fact that this platform will not be a monopoly of any mobile games developer company, it will not be necessary for new projects to make huge expenditures of money for promoting the platform through advertising.  

But in order to create such a platform, you need to collect enough money.  Therefore, the project is carried out by the ICO.  Sells tokens called EON.  The start of sales and investment opportunities will begin on July 1, 2018 and will last until July 30 of the same year.  The sale of tokens will be carried out at a good rate of 12 thousand EON per 0.028 ETH.  The purpose of attracting investments is to collect 31731 ETH.  Those investors and enthusiasts who first start buying tokens will be able to get good bonuses in the future in the form of additional platform tokens.  Especially, when the project will constantly develop and reach new heights.  In total, the team produces 2 billion 1,000 million coins.  For sales, only 30% is allocated.



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Я подписался на твой блог так как мне интересна данная тема, давай раскручивать ее вместе! Надеюсь ты тоже подпишешься на меня ;)

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