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MHEALTHCOIN builds advanced facilities to revolutionize the healthcare industry by collecting medical data from platform users to maintain health and live a healthier life and also provide incentives as a gift package Cryptocurrency Platform. . "I think you're staying healthy" This is to prevent the disease with the help of a common use before the disease or illness gets too severe in the body or enters the body with the help of mhealthcoin A device designed by the team to remind you at any time means to be proactive.

Our Mission

We believe that everyone in the world must be aware of their health. However, in fact, most people do not try to prevent them in the previous stages, but recognize their health status until they become ill, a serious illness, an abnormal condition, or some other form of "illness" There is a possibility.

Our mission is to provide the platform with more data collected by users to understand their health status by improving their health status and awareness of their health. A broad-based ideology of positive awareness about their own health is our aim for this project. Maintaining health and making it healthy despite the unrestrained age of humanity is a task that everyone is seeking to solve, both directly and indirectly. The question of how we develop customs We will all enjoy the earth's natural resources for a long time and maintain health so that it is more appropriate in our daily lives.

After much research on health issues, MHEALTHCOIN has created solutions by building a global, healthy ecosystem using blockchain technology.

Equipment that can be used

Live your best life

Sharing your workout results with your friends is not easy.

Fun of exercise

Gives you health, it's easy to get around and it's perfect for use 

Share exercises

By sharing exercises, you can teach your friends and followers about your practice on social networks. 

Enjoy the fun

Wearable devices let you enjoy training and share it with others.


  • For children

GPS tracing is added for parents to track their child's position

  • For the elderly

SOS function use under emergency situations and call for help will be added for seniors to monitor their own body situation


Digital training system designed to maintain and motivate users' health.


In order to provide users with a one-stop solution for a smarter lifestyle, IoT technology will be developed later in our smart devices. Users can control their connected homes wherever they are, even with mHealthcoin APP or wearable devices.

About The Token

  • Token: MHEC
  • Type: Utility
  • ICO Price: 0.0100 USD
  • Country: Hong Kong
  • Whitelist/KYC: None
  • Restricted area: China, America




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