Mitoshi is a new generation of online games and cryptocurrency lotteries operating using blockchain technology. The industry of online games is an irreplaceable sphere of life in our time. The variety and abundance of games is simply impressive in its scope. Actively gaining popularity and demand for online lottery. But due to a number of specific reasons, this industry cannot be fully resolved. The goal of the Mitoshi project is to make the experience of crypto technology to be absolutely objective, secure, understandable and easily accessible for the international market.

In our view, the release of a crypto lottery is necessary objective and harmless, readily available for the global market.

Mitoshi plans to use the Ethereum blockchain platform and special conditions to collect and distribute funds, and in addition to charge a commission on the amount for lotteries sold through its affiliate program. With such well-considered conditions, it will not be possible to fake both the winning numbers and the lottery tickets themselves. Mitoshi CryptoLotto will become owned by Internet users. This is indeed the interethnic cryptolothere, because it will cover Europe, Asian and North American countries at once.

Features of the project Mitoshi CryptoLotto

Mitoshi company provides a large selection of lotteries. Even any draw will bring participants their income. In general, players from anywhere in the world will be able to participate in the Mitoshi cryptolotter. Currently this area has a list of difficult tasks:

  • No transparency
  • It happens so that falsification may occur at some lottery stages. Most often it occurs in relation to the winning ticket. It's pretty easy to fake this information. And lottery draws based on smart contracts are required to take these issues into account.

    • No innovations
    In traditional lotteries, there is no innovation, so there is no diversity in game production. Mitoshi CryptoLotto without a threat to the objectivity of the competition offers new prizes for the winners.

    • Malfunction or lack of regulators
    In the role of regulatory funds here are, by and large, taxes. Which significantly reduces the prize pool, thereby attracting fewer and fewer participants.

    • Long waiting for payments
    An integral part of most lotteries is a rather long period of time from the draw to the payment. This is not very convenient for users, so this problem must be solved.

    Growth slows down

    Over time, the markets expand and create a big problem for attracting new members or retaining those present.

    The Mitoshi project was developed precisely to solve all these problems. The platform uses blockchain, providing several advantages for the lottery industry at once.It positions it as the main stage for the industry to continue to expand.

    Blockchain has such characteristics as security and fairness. Its biggest plus is the constant accessibility using only a smartphone and Internet access.

    Due to decentralization, there is a struggle against the policy of restricting the development of the lottery industry, and the market is expanding and attracting more and more users. Soon, the Mitoshi CryptoLotto platform will become available around the clock from anywhere in the world thanks to the simplest cryptocurrency transaction and the use of blockchain technology.

    Smartphone application

    The Mitoshi mobile app will make access to the platform free all the time. That will expand the possibility of participating players in the lottery. The application will be available on both iOS and Android.

    All those who wish to buy lottery tickets will be able to do this either through the project’s web page or in a smartphone application. You will need to go through the registration process, after which the participant is allocated a unique wallet. In addition to cryptocurrency, the platform accepts payment by means of fiat funds, so after issuing a wallet, sums of money are converted into tokens, using which you can already take part in sweepstakes.

    It will also be good to get acquainted with the White Paper project.

    ICO Details

    The Mitoshi Token is a utility token that is used only on the Mitoshi platform. With it, you need to pay admission to the rally.

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    Интересный проект, при правильном маркейтинге у проекта есть все шансы на успех!

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