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Today, the cryptocurrency market has a sufficient number of exchanges where you can change tokens. However, not all of them are suitable for trade. On some small volumes, others simply do not inspire confidence. But in the near future, another exchange will appear in this field, which is already known to traders, but working with fiat currencies. So, welcome - IronX .

About IronX

Does IronX say something to you?Those who are already familiar with the trade, know about the exchange IronFX. This exchange is one of the world market leaders in the field of online trading. The platform has repeatedly received awards for various achievements. Already, the team has established cooperation with 10 platforms, and in the arsenal of traders, about 200 quality tools. IronFX customers come from 180 countries.

IronX History

The founders of the future IronX crypto-exchange are well-known business people - representatives of EmurgoHK. These people are among the main partners of Cardano and, accordingly, the ADA coin, which is now among the leaders in terms of capitalization and has a high potential. That is why, the future IronX crypto-exchange, is simply obliged to occupy the same leading position among the preferences of traders.

Problems and solutions

  • License
  • The creators of IronX strive for the best. Therefore, one of the main directions of their current activities is obtaining a license for legal work. The first step has been taken. Not so long ago, a license was obtained from the Estonian FIU. The next step could be to obtain the same license, but already from Gibraltar and Malta - the world leaders in the cryptoindustry.

    • Customers
    Many cryptocurrency exchanges are created from scratch. But this does not apply to IronX. The team has already attracted traders from its main exchange, and these are about 1.2 million customers. In addition, followers and followers of Cardano will be loyal to the new exchange.

    • Union
    Since today a large number of traders work with fiat funds, they will not mind working with cryptocurrency.Therefore, everyone will have the opportunity to replenish their account with a cryptocurrency.

    • Support
    A lot of cryptocurrency exchanges spend little time on solving the problems of their clients. Therefore, it is almost impossible to reach the support service. And if it is possible, then you need to write only in a language that is understandable to the owners of the exchange. IronX will be the first cryptocurrency exchange, where the support service operates 24 hours a day. But the main thing is the support of all languages ​​in which the client communicates.


    The main purpose of creating an IronX exchange is to provide quality services to traders. This is facilitated by combining the best of traditional exchanges, where trade is conducted by fiat funds, and innovations that are being introduced into cryptocurrency exchanges. These two components will help to make the new exchange one of the most popular, because the team’s experience is simply colossal.

    Token Information

    The IRX Token will play a crucial role on the exchange. It will fully ensure the smooth operation of the system. When working on a crypto-exchange, a trader will carry out operations in IRX tokens with a small commission. This will ensure that everyone now seeks to acquire IRX, which will add value to the token. But the main thing is that all holders of IRX tokens will receive additional features. And this:

    • Discount on some services and products; 
    • Free IronFX card; 
    • Free virtual server (VPS) for their needs; 
    • The ability to delegate management of their portfolio; 

      • During the pre-sale period, 67,691,787 tokens were sold. For this, more than $ 22 million was received. However, the leaders made a decision on public sale. About 82 million IRX tokens were allocated for these purposes.

        Distribution of funds

        Project Roadmap

        Project Team


        This is a very good idea of ​​an already existing exchange, where trade is conducted by fiat funds, to repurpose them into cryptocurrency funds. Why is it good? The thing is that the team already has experience, and at the same time it is huge. These are not beginners who do not know what they are doing. Moreover, there is already a client base that will only expand. Add to all of the above and more partners, the IronX is doomed to success.

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