brain review ABOUT cryptocurreny

hello, how are you all?. hope you all will be ok and fine. today i am going to share with you some my points about cryptocurrency view of trading. there are alot of rumors about cryptocurrency price. first and last points in keep mind that this market has no prediction, only need to get understanding of market up and down. here any up is not for ever, so here i will guide you according to my own experience how to buy or trade any coin and what time is best time to buy or trade or coin.

buying time

if you have just 100 dollar and wana invest then buy only top coin. never touch those coin there rank is below 50 number. yeah you can trade below 50 number coin if you are going to trade short term, never keep below 50 rank coin for long term trading.
if you are going to keep coin for long term then buy over 35 rank coins.

next if you are going to start daily trading then invest 50 dollar for 24 hours and keep 50 dollar for 48 hours,,
sell 50 dollar coin and buy other hands 50 dollar, keep two side trading, buying ,selling,,

place buying point low 3% and keep selling high 5% profit. in this way you can get two side trading value

short term or long term
if you have low money then short term is not best, buy long term and if you have big asset then daily trading is best,

never follow any person view, like me,, always starting trading,, make own research thanks for reading my points, thanks alot

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