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What’s Circle X

 The Crypto Circle exchange service is getting ready to disrupt the market with a brand new service focused on providing top quality attention to a customer base that has been plagued by a number of ongoing issues when they need to manage their digital currencies for the best part of 9 years now. 

What’s Circle X?

 Crypto Circle eXchange is that the most advanced and secure cryptocurrency exchange steam-powered by an innovative technology that's capable of over ten million transactions per second. 

 Crypto Circle X is a decentralized digital asset exchange which will act as a vehicle for potential distributions and trades, including a well-developed user interface design, trading tools for professional traders and novices, as well as 24/7 support service for its customers. 

 At its core, Crypto Circle Exchange is a revolutionary cryptocurrency and blockchain asset exchange focused on speed, safety, scalability, and customer support. We will issue our own token called the Crypto Circle X Coin, with CCX as the symbol. CCX is an ERC20 token running on the Ethereum blockchain. 

 Security policies

An algorithm for money laundering detection will be built in the system as well. This will prevent the system from money-laundering accounts as well as send notifications to administrators about any suspicious activities, including wash and pass-through trades.

The exchange will utilize the AES 256 encryption method to store sensitive information alongside CloudFlare protection. As additional security, digital assets will be protected through the use of offline wallet with a multisignature system. 
  • This exchange doesn't store the passwords employed by the shoppers to guard their accounts.
  • This exchange uses AES 256 encoding so as to safeguard all of your sensitive information then stores that information within the information.
  • It uses CloudFlare protection so as to stop your valuable information against DDoS attacks
  • This exchange is that includes the 2FA with Google critic so as to supply a lot of security.

ICO Details

More Details

 The soft cap is $3,000,000.00 USD. The hard cap $20,000,000.00. The currency you need to purchase is Ethereum. 1 ETH equals 5,389 CCX tokens. The private sale runs from August 13th through September 17th. The pre-sale runs from september 17th through October 22nd. The crowdsale runs through October 22nd through November 26th or until the hard cap is reached. 


The exchange fee is 0.2% per trade. The withdrawal fee depends on the cryptocurrency being withdrawn but the amount is miniscul.  Traders will be able to request support in any time. For this, a communication channel will be enabled with Zendesk system and enabled in a form of a chat. In order to improve service and security level, users will be asked to pass a registration process as well as answer some verification questions when applying for support. 

There could be other fees associated with AI services and listings, but the Crypto Circle X seems committed to keeping fees low. 0.2% is substantially lower than the exchange fee on most of the popular crypto exchanges right now. 


  •  Token CCX
  • Price1 CCX = 0.09 USD
  • Bounty Available
  • MVP/PrototypeAvailable
  • PlatformEthereumAcceptingETH
  • Hard cap114,500 ETH
  • CountryMalta
  • Whitelist/KYCKYC & Whitelist
  • Restricted areas None 








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