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What is EOSex

 EOSex exchange is a platform design from the ground up to be a fair, open and transparent. The main development ideology is to create a satisfying exchange for all traders, by presenting a variety of options such as, trading with CDFs and on-chain trading. 

What is EOSex?

Way back in 2017 in anticipation of the coming explosive growth in the EOS ecosystem. Now, with EOS already off and running, the has also successfully gone live! 

The EOSex team members include solid professionals from across the fields of blockchain, finance, IT, and law, and are backed by well-respected heavyweight blockchain investors (such as Broad Harvest Capital) who have all come together to create a global exchange that is secure, self-governing, high-performance, and transparent. 

The exchange uses a mining system that has been specially designed to prevent the types of massive collapses that have already been seen on other exchanges. 

Plus, EOSex is truly community-based--a true DAC, where 100% of exchange profits are distributed back to all EXP (EOS Exchange Proof) token holders, and where all EXP token holders have a say in exchange policies, in voting for new listings, and participating in other exchange programs and promotions.

 EOSex is designed from the ground up to be a fair, open, and transparent exchange. In addition to the trading of cryptocurrencies, EOSex will also offer trading in CFDs, as well as on-chain token trading—thereby satisfying the needs of all types of investors. 

 Here’s how it works

After every 15 days, EOSex will send out a list of quality tokens - projects that are being considered for listing. At that point supporters of the mentioned projects will need to deposit tokens into the EOSex platform. This helps judge demand. At the end of the exercise the project with the highest quantity of tokens will get listed for trade. 


All this is made possible by the company's liquid-box feature which ensures there is always enough liquidity on the platform by enabling other major exchanges to channel their liquidity onto the EOSex platform thus reducing volatility and enhancing the overall trading experience for users. 

Current problems

  1. Low trading volumes. Now at the different exchanges about one thousand various cryptocurrencies are presented. To keep up to date, giant exchangers have to add new cryptocurrency couples constantly.
  2. The difficulties connected with exchange. The largest exchanges often raise big percent for placements of cryptocurrencies on their platforms. Because of it many owner’s digital projects spend the large sums of money which could be used in the good purposes – improvements of the project.
This is a list of the main problems that may arise in the modern world. Cope with all of them will be able to this exciting platform. 

EOSex solutions

EOSex offers wide trading opportunities for various types of cryptoactive assets. EOSex offers tokens — EXP (EOSex Proof) — after the release of which the platform will cease to be an independent project. It will become a distributed company, the management of which will belong to the owners of EXP tokens and the EOSex fund. 


  1. Token: EXP
  2. Price: 1 EOS = 3,000 EXP
  3. Bonus: Available
  4. Bounty: Available
  5. Platform: EOS
  6. Accepting: EOS
  7. Minimum investment: 5 EOS
  8. Hard cap: 890,659 EOS  


 The project is developing rapidly. From October 2018, Android users have access to the EOSex mobile app. Owners of Apple products will be able to download similar application in December of this year. During October and November, all the tests of the platform will be completed, and from January 2019 the platform will begin its full-fledged operation. 


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