'Zero' makers say that they will change the scene of Shahrukh Khan with 'Kirpan' (Sword)

These manufacturers had earlier said that it was a sword but not Pan Kirpan (sword). It is a Khalsa (Sikh) in his petition, which has asked the director of the film and the guidelines to remove the scenes where Khan is seen wearing the sword or small daggers made by the Sikhs. A bench of Justice BP Dharmadhikari and SV Kotwal is hearing the petition of lawyer Amritpal Singh Khalsa.

They give an affidavit filed with the film's producer Red Chillies Entertainment Pvt Ltd. The makers of Shahrukh Khan Starrer film Zero told the Bombay High Court on Wednesday that they have taken steps to change a scene in which the main actor was allegedly seen wearing a 'Kirpan' (sword).

This Khalsa took the scene as an exception and referred to it as a historical and it is the cultural significance of Kirpan (sword), saying that it was worn after change in the form of 'hat rehabilitation' in Sikh religion. This petition refers to the poster of the film in which Khan has been seen wearing a vest and shorts, around his neck around the neck of the rupees and a 'Kirpan' (swords) tied around the chest.

Earlier this month, the producer's lawyer, Navroze Serwai, told the court that this petition was completely based on "misconception". From this view the Sikh community has hurt Khalsa's sentiments. The affidavit submitted to the court on Wednesday.

This Red Chillies Entertainment said that it has taken steps to change scenes in questions. This Khalsa however said that the way the item was taken from the actor; it looked like a Kirpan (sword). What the main actor worn is not a Kirpan (sword). This is a simple sword, which Serwai told the court.

With the view to ensure that no religious or cultural feelings are hurt, despite the fact that there is only a decorative dagger in the film and its posters and not Kirpan (sword), the production company to change the relevant scenes Steps have been taken by. The affidavit in the film has been said.

When this case came up for hearing, Khalsa said that there is no further objection to considering the affidavit and its contents. It is a question that this part has been changed to illustrate a decorative sword through visual effects.

The film is being released on December 21. The bench said that there is no urgency in the case; it will be heard in January 2019. He however said that there were some websites on which the old poster of the film was in which Kirpan (sword) has been seen wearing the Khan.


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