Your hands have the power to heal human body by yoga-mudra


Yoga experts say you have the power to restore your hands through yoga-mudra. In this way you can think of hands as a mirror for your body and our mind, and in this regard, yoga-posture assumes that every area of the hand creates a reflex area for a connected part of the body and mind. Yoga in your hands has the power to cure the human body

Gyan Knowledge is the MUDRA (POSE) of knowledge


What is Reiki? In the system of Ayurvedic it is called Reiki therapy. This Reiki is an art of therapy and this spiritual way of medicine is used as a complementary medicine for the treatment of physical, emotional and mental diseases. Of course, through the power of its REIKI the power of your hands,

Vayu Air exchange balances the air element within your body


it is not only the power to cure itself but also its other people. This word Reiki is composed of two words. This means the cosmos; ki means energy. So Reiki is the energy of the universe. Which has it channelized by the hands of a Reiki Healer or doctor? Which can not only be transmitted to any part of its own body, but to any person, who needs distance through the tips of our fingers.

It activates your body and causes physical weakness to remove it. It is also called earth mudra, the Earth's currency.


It as Swami Yogananda said in his book, Autobiography of a Yogi. Our fingers can feel like antenna and it gains energy from the universe and reveals anything and depends on how strong our intentions are and by focusing on our will power, we can see the body's cosmic energy can increase the supply.

This posture enhances the element of fire in the body


How Reiki works: - We are all connected to caste and creed all over the world and even in high dimensions. Therefore, depending on the fact that you can tap the amount of medical energy you can then distribute with your own hands through your thoughts. This Reiki works on the principle of energy because we all know that we are nothing but energy.

The Jal or Varuna (water) mudra balances the water element in your body.


At the astral level, our soul is a part of the macrocosm that we call divine / nature super power. This beauty of Reiki is that the more we heal others, the more we get cured. These days’ people have started to visit it as energy therapy and Reiki helps in fixing at the astral level.

Shunya can quickly recover the ear if it is held for a long time.


As a well-known scientist has said that if you want to find the mysteries of the universe, then think about energy, frequency and vibrations. So in a way, Reiki is spiritually guided life force energy from the universe. It cures the body, mind and soul. Bringing a person back home means that he can come back for himself and the soul and a person can learn to live in a spiritually manner.

This Pran mudra/pose or a posture of life creates energy within the body and improves power and immunity.


To improve our mental, spiritual and physical health, look at 7 currencies, its benefits and duration. These currencies have redirected the flow of energy in the upper chakras, and gradually establish a link between the layers of all the body's layers.


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