When, How and Why Yoga-practice of meditating!

It is difficult to take an hour to sit for one hour for the first time by taking some time off from the work of the house, and then you sit for the first 15 minutes. Slowly move on time in the room where you sit for meditation, ignite a lamp.


Process of meditation

First of all calm down and relax the body and sit downright. Take a flower in one of your handfuls. Keep on chanting the Supreme Lord, the God who has your faith. You can pronounce the mantra according to your ability.


Remember the name that was pronounced for the first time. Every time chant the same mantra. Someone will initially realize that their head is moving so this is the first time.

'Meditation' leads to life easier

When you close your eyes, there will be a lot of thoughts in your mind. Do not stop those thoughts, let them come. Gradually your mind will calm down on your own. This state of mind is called meditation.


The life and human condition of human life goes in these two directions. Disorder is the emotional pain of physical pain and degree and these three are sometimes together. These are the breaks of Bhavatya meditation.

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