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What is mobile SIM swapping and how can it be avoided

In such cases a request for a person to block a SIM card is inserted. As soon as the SIM card is blocked, a new SIM for financial fraud is requested for one-time password for any transaction. This is all due to swapping swing. Recently, a businessman from Mumbai received Rs 1.86 crores in the same night. This amount was transferred from the trading account to 28 different accounts. This fraud was done at one night.


Since most of the information about people is available online. In this case fraudsters exploit it and SIM swindles through swapping. Then, as soon as OTP comes, transactions from one account to another are transferred like funds. These days, most transactions happen through online or digital media.

How SIM swaps

He says; this has increased crime since 2011. Mobile Sim Swapping does not do only one person, but many people are involved in such work. This organized gang executes it. This internal research of Cyber and Law Foundation revealed that in 2018 only 200 crores rupees were flown in this way in India. Cyber Security Expert Advocate Prashant Mali told BBC Marathi how SIM swapping is done and what are the ways to stop it?

It is tracked by various media and social media, and your information is collected. Sometimes you get calls from an unknown number and information is taken. People who are victims of such crimes are educated but they are not aware of security. In such a situation, they have to bear the brunt of this.

They can make fake ID cards in your name and with the help of them. You can request the telecom companies for the SIM block. Many times they also gather information with the help of viruses or malware. Sometimes phishing links are also sent in which you are asked to fill your personal information. Many times, these fraudsters also buy a database of banks.

As soon as they get your information, as soon as the telecom companies give a new SIM card, they can get financial transactions by getting the OTP from the new SIM conveniently. Since this new SIM is near these thugs, so they have OTP coming up. They can easily transfer the amount to your account to other people.

If someone wants to add money to your account

If a person wants to deposit money in your account without any means, then do not be scared. In such a situation, you can unknowingly become a criminal because your account will also become part of the crime of cheating on those people.
This Pacific Mali says that if a person tells you that he wants to deposit some money in your account then beware of him also.

They say, they will tell you that 10 percent of the amount will give you or will give you 10,000 rupees. You can also come to the phone, which will be asked to send money to your account shortly. This amount can be sipped illegally through SIM swapping from someone else's account.

Do not Give Your Important Paper to Everyone

If you are doing online transactions, make sure you are doing it through secure websites only. Yes, do not give CVV to your OTP or card to anyone. SP Balasingham Rajput of the Maharashtra Cyber Department told the BBC about the mistakes that people usually do during online transactions. He said the information of credit card and Aadhaar card should not be shared with anyone.

If you are sending copies of your papers to a person or organization, first think if it is really necessary or not. He said, "It should be noted that if you give someone your important papers, then write on what work you are giving them photocopy and this copy should be used in this work. Abuse can also stop.

What to do to avoid SIM swaps

This Prashant Mali suggests that every bank account should have an email alert facility so that if the SIM card is stopped suddenly, at least through email it can be known that someone is doing the transaction without your permission. With this you can stop the loss immediately by giving information to the bank.

If your SIM card is in danger, these days suddenly stop to take steps to keep banks safe. The thing to pay attention to is that SIM Swapping mostly works on Friday or Saturday. Many times it is cheated even during the holidays. This is because people have difficulty connecting with banks or telecommunications companies due to the holidays.


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