This Indian coin which can make you rich - {Part 01}

Its important aspect i.e. Indian coins are less remembered these days. There were many unique things about the nation that Indian spices, culture and customs have always gained popularity among all other countries. Before India's invasion of eastern India, it was historically known as a golden bird economy. Is this ironic right? These prices of coins were officially higher than the prices assigned to them.

These Indian coins used in the past were very unique. It is a condition that he can turn his bank account into a million in one night. It’s astonishing? Is this? Yet it is true as the existence of the sun and the moon. These Indian coins had their own specialty. If someone gets an ancient Indian coin today, then scroll down and certainly believe that you will now wish to do one today we have brought a list of 10 such precious valuable Indian coins.

Queen of Victoria - A Mohur {stamp}

It’s year - 1877, and 78, to 79. Its value - Rs 2 lakhs it’s metal - Weight of gold - 11.66 grams.

George V. King Emperor - Rs 15

This year is 1918. It’s value - 2.5 lakhs rupees. Its metal – gold, and weight - 7.98 grams

Victoria Queen - A Mohur {stamp}

It’s year – 1870, and 75. Its value - Rs. 2.5 lakhs its metal - gold, and weight - 11.66 grams

George VI King Emperor - 1 rupee

Its year is 1939, its value - Rs. 4 million, its metal - silver and weight - 11.66 grams

Victoria Queen - Rs 5

Its year - 1870 and 79, its value - Rs. 4 million, and its metal - gold, and weight - 3.88 grams


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