The world's top 10 best intelligence agencies, including the name of India!

Why are these intelligence agencies so important for the whole country?

These institutions are really useful for military, law enforcement, foreign policy objectives and national security, even this special force has to support all duties. This establishment of secret agencies or intelligence organizations is being monitored all over the country and all these suspects are being investigated. Each country needs an intelligence agency because it plays a major role in the peace of any country.

These intelligence groups are responsible for finding all the secretive activities, while collaborating with other organizations, collecting information, making an unforeseen incident and detecting that incident under espionage and some other circles. In addition to this, citizens trust their security, so they are not afraid of terrorism.

Here I am sharing the world's top 10 best intelligence agencies.

Mosad, Institute of Intelligence and Special Campaign - Israel

Which has involves bringing Jews from countries where the official Aliya agencies are restricted or restricted. This Mosad plays a major role in protecting the Jewish communities.

However, it was rebuilt from 1949 to 1953, Rayon Shiloha, it is the responsibility of launching a secret action in which it works against terrorism, Mosad is Israel's national intelligence agency, on 13 December 1949, Was established on the recommendation. This Prime Minister David Ben Gurion, and who it was a central institution for coordination.

MSS, Ministry of State Security - China

This Lynn Yun directed the Ministry of State Security (MSS) since its creation in June 1983, although it was abandoned in September 1985, while Chen Wenqing is currently leading it since November 2016. This security agency of the People's Republic of China was formed. It’s as a result of the amalgamation of CID in 1983.

This Chinese secret agency has done its best against Terrorism in the Greater China Region as Taiwan, Macau and Hong Kong. In its top 10 best intelligence agencies in the world, no one can tell the State Security Ministry (MSS) in the existence of China because what they should have in a complete intelligence institution.

ASIS, Australian Secret Intelligence Service - Australia

It is also taking responsibilities in connection with counter-intelligence and other countries with foreign intelligence organizations as well as receiving intelligence from outside the country. Its budget is approximately $ 468.5 million, although ASIS is comparable to overseas agencies like the U.S.

It is also done with the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) and the British Secret Intelligence Service (MI6). Which it was developed of the 64 years ago at 13 May 1952. While it headquarters has located in Canberra of the country's capital. This ASIS is also known as the best secret intelligence force around the world, it is the Australian Foreign Intelligence Service (ASIS) Australia's National Foreign Intelligence Agency.

DGSE, Direction General De La Safety Extractor - France

This DGSE was formed on 2 April 1982, although its headquarters are in France's Paris XX 141 Boulevard Mortier. This is compared to intelligence agencies like the United States CIA and M16. For its foreign intelligence security, DGSE is France's external intelligence agency, which maintains its presence in the top 10 best intelligence agencies of the world.

The Directorate of National Security Affairs, the French government, has at least $ US $ 731,807,192.50 spent on DGSE. While the French work under the instructions of the Ministry of Defense, as well as their home counterparts, Internal Security (DGSI).

RAW Research and Analysis Wing - India

This Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) is India's primary foreign intelligence agency, headquartered in New Delhi, which was created on September 21, 1968. Rajinder Khanna has organized RAW from the Regd and Analysis Services 1978 batch.

It is responsible for monitoring political, military, economic and scientific development, including opinions and influences of foreign people of castings. RAW also plays a major role in action against counter-terrorism and some other covered activities.

BND, Bundeschannichricantist - Germany

This Federal Intelligence Service 'BND comes from its German identity' Bundeschannichricantist', which is the Foreign Intelligence Agency of Germany, which is directly subordinate to Chancellor's office. The BND was designated almost 60 years ago, on April 1, 1956; the headquarters of the bridge near Munich and Berlin was at Mughal headquarters. Germany's Federal Intelligence Service is present in the list of the top 10 best intelligence agencies in the world.

However this German government spends € 615.6 million per year. It is responsible for collecting information about weapons of mass destruction various non state terrorism of weapons such as various areas. This BND evaluates the country's planned crime, illegal transfer of technology, arms and narcotics smuggling, money laundering and arrival.

FSB, Russian Federation Federal Security Bureau - Russia

This federal security service of the Russian Federation is known as the main successor of Russia and the main successor group of the State Security Committee of the USSR (KGB). FSD has responsibilities like terrorism, surveillance, and country and border security.

It also investigates serious crimes and violations of federal law; it is believed to be Russia's top security force. Its headquarters are in the center of Lubinaakka Square of Moscow, although it is famous for many suspicious incidents outside the country, as well as to prevent anti-terrorism terrorism in the country.

MI6, Military Intelligence Section 6 - United Kingdom

This Secret Intelligence Service (SIS) is officially known as MI 6 'Military Intelligence, Section 6', which is a British intelligence agency. It’s one of these 10 best intelligence agencies in the world. This British intelligence, tied to the Intelligence Service Act of 1994, even until 1994 its identity was not made public.

This UK-based Intelligence Group is located on the Vauxhall cross of the southern tip of the Thames River since 1995. This MI-6 foreign anti-terrorism campaign is still working with the United States secret unit to remove terrorism. This annual cost is £ 2.6 billion, which is known for extraordinary jobs both at home and abroad.

CIA, Central Intelligence Agency - United States

This Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) is a civilian foreign intelligence service of the United States federal government, which has shown its best efforts in the Middle East against terrorism and overseas in the country. This CIA is not compared with other secret agencies because it is due to its bold activities and the world's top secret institutions as well as effective coordination.

After this was approval of the National Security Act of the Harry Created from the Truman on 26July 1947 of 69 year ago. This American administration specially paid special attention after the September 11 terrorist attacks on the rise of CIA, which caused great damage to the United States.

ISI, Inter Service Intelligence - Pakistan

This Intelligence Inter-Services, known as Inter Services Intelligence (ISI), displays its responsibilities as a key national security and intelligence measure to the Pakistan government. This is commendable, but due to the courage to work against terrorism in the world as well as in our countries.

This top position is obtained between the world's best intelligence agencies. This ISI was formed in 1948 by the British Army General Officer of an Australian origin, who had taken the services of the Pakistani army from 1950 to 1959. ISI 2011 published by International Business Times United Kingdom is at the top of the world's top intelligence agency list.



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