Sponsored: Trade Santa Automated Crypto Trading Simplified

This business Santa is a cloud platform that enables crypto-holders to automate their business on exchanges. In this cloud software named Christmas, Trade Santa argues that crypto holders have the opportunity to take advantage of crypto-market fluctuations through automated trading. This company hopes that there will be no need for full-time jobs to capitalize on the ups and downs of cryptocurrency.

They claim that its software automates the simplest strategies trusted by thousands of merchants around the world. Apart from this, it allows the user to do 24/7 business and does business 24/7 without fear of completing any business while away from the computer. Here users can accelerate the trading process because bots are able to track market shift simultaneously for unlimited trading pairs and order hundreds more times than manual trading.

How has easy is it to set up and they use these platform?

Detailed instructions, both video and written, have been provided to make its configuration process clear and understandable for everyone. This business Santa claims that it does not take more than 10 minutes to establish a bot with them and customize desirable settings like coupling and profit targets.

This forum's user friendliness is one of their strengths. This is the simplicity that we confirm that the business can also judge by the official telegram chat users. If users do not want to spend time on optimization, they can use templates already created for quick setup.

The total balance on all associated exchanges in this bitcoin, USD / BTC exchange rate, calculation profit and profit analysis shows deals in the process. While it bot users are able to track their progress using it and see the profits earned in a single dashboard.

In addition, in the last 24 hours, the exchange rate on each of the supported exchanges for more than twelve, six or 3 hours shows. This platform has also collected statistics of the most successful pairs of user’s trade in the last 24 hours, apart from this; users can monitor the performance of each trading bot through telegram information, because Trade Santa has a telegram bot is.


These technical indicators have enabled bots to open deals in optimum moments to maximize potential benefits. If they want, then Trade Santa users are able to do long and short strategies simultaneously. Here’s how they works in a small more detail.

In addition, in order to compensate the unexpected changes in the market, a specific number of tokens is included and a bot accordingly to take advantage order. This business Santa's team says that there should be automatic trade for security which is not in accordance with the plan.

If not, additional orders will be executed in future to make it possible to get desired benefits with small value changes. If this market goes as a user strategy (long or short), the bot will take advantage. After launching its bot, it will execute the first order, and then set several additional orders with specified steps and will benefit according to user settings.

Give and take

They allow their users to trade unlimited number of bots and trading pairs on this exchange. At present, this Santa Bot has supported four exchanges, including Binance, Bittrex, BitFinEx, and HitBTC. This platform says that it means that this user cannot reach the fund or withdraw them without permission. Ability to do business in your A Bot is given through the API keys from supported crypto exchanges.

Support and Community

Given their chat, many users have already expressed satisfaction with the Santa's team with quick response. This trade Santa has its own Telegram community and is a live chat service where Santa Helper provides support services at any time of the day and night. All links, including YouTube and telegram, can be viewed on the website. In fact this team keeps in mind the users' suggestions about listening to their community and improving new features and interface.

How much does it cost?

This business Santa's team says they will announce a month before the transition from the payment service for free. Its UN trade Santa is getting momentum in the crypto community, in the moment of this publication the press release of the forum remains free.

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