Singapore does Preparing to settle down under the ground

Singapore prepares to set up world; This is a plan to launch the Undergraduate Master Plan of Singapore in 2019. Because of the growing population and limited housing, Singapore is preparing to use the underground space. But they do not even have underground infrastructure. Singapore is going to change it very quickly and in 2019 it is preparing to announce the underground master plan.

There are many attractions in Singapore, from the towers of this Supertree Vertical Garden to racing at night for Formula One. Therefore, some infrastructure such as rail lines, pedestrian paths, five-lane highways and air-conditioning pipes have been reduced to ground. Fuels and ammunition are also kept here. 'Reclaim' means the process that used to be used for the first time in any other work or the unused land.

Now it is not possible to do so because sea levels are on the rise and due to climate change, more difficulties have been increased. There are approximately 56 lakhs people in Singapore, whose number is 6 million by 2030. There is a shortage of land on this island for the growing population. In this way, new land is being reclaimed in Singapore for several decades.

What will be the underground?

They say that we are now trying to make the services of common people like transport, storage and industrial facilities under the ground to bring the above land to homes, offices, community use and greenery so that Staying can be easier. This is According to Ler Seng director of the Urban Redevelopment Authority in Singapore.

Because there is a lack of land in Singapore, so we have to use the upper and lower part of the land properly for the future. In ancient Rome, from Katakonb to medieval India and during World War II, there has been tradition of using underground places as bunkers.

In this underground master plan, there will also be deep-tunnel sewage system, storage and water reservoir with data center, utility plant, bus depot. There are no plans to move homes and offices underground. Singapore's underground rail density is less than the Japanese capital Tokyo, while the density for underground pedestrian tract is lowest in Singapore.

They say that Singapore's expressway network is about 180 kilometers and its 10 percent is within the ground. Senior engineer Peter Stones has done a study for the Urban Redevelopment Authority, which compares the rest of Singapore's cities. He says that Singapore has added its name to the list of select countries in the world who are working in the underground location.

Under the ground due to weather

People are upset with this season. Due to this season there is also an impact on the means of traffic and they get damaged very quickly, so it is a good idea to take them under the ground. Stones say, that besides the lack of space, the weather is also one of the reasons for starting work under the ground. The heat and humidity are increasing very much and with this rain is also getting very much.

Peter Stones believes that there is a property under the ground, which we must use. It is very important to have a detailed plan for this. The underground master plan will use 3 D technology, so that place will also look like it is not. This is part of the "Virtual Singapore" plan. With the help of this 3 D technique, a lot of data will be analyzed, which will not only help in urban planning, but also can be handled by some disaster.

Its purpose is to get rid of traffic problem. With the help of carts and truck lift, you can walk in the tunnel at a speed of 150 km per hour. Work is going on underground structures in more places in the world. Recently, the boring company of Tesla Company's head Ellon Musk created an underground tunnel in the US about two kilometers long at a cost of $ 1 million.


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