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Securitize Launching the Token Compliance Program

Launching the Token Compliance Program: It is according to a press release shared on 9th April with Cointelegraph. It is launching its securities ready program, these securities are supported by a United States Crypto Exchange Coinbase for a compliance platform and protocol issuing tokens. This platform will deliberately make it easy for organizations to design and release their own tokens.


Users of these securities ready programs will be able to use different services offered by partner firms to issue a security token on the Securities Platform. According to the announcement of its program, industry heads like Coinbase Custody, Open Finance, Rialto Trading, CBlock Capital and others are included.

The announcement further states: In these rounds, the participation of Xpring was also included in Coinbase Ventures, Global Brain, NXTP, OK Blockchain Capital and Ripple. At the end of this year, Securities had closed a series a funding round led by Blockchain Capital, which raised $ 12.75 million.

It enables automatic purchases such as share buy-back, dividends, voting and more. These Securitized DS protocols maintain compliance during secondary trading. According to a report, Securities CEO Carlos Domingo said that the aim of the firm is to build a debt issuance platform using blockchain technology. In January 2019, it joined the Securitize IBM Blockchain Accelerator program.


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