Protector Alaa Salah becomes a global symbol of the struggle of Sudan


Alaa Salah is a 22-year student of engineering and architecture at Al Salah Sudan International University. It is opposing the rise in inflation, unemployment and oppression. These women of Sudan were at the forefront of the revolution. When the military detained him on 11 April, Sudan's protest against the rule of President Omar al-Bashir was over.

Symbol of protest

A Twitter user has said that Salah organization reminds women in the 1960s, 70s and 80s who oppose the military coup. The picture of this Salah is adorned with white robes and moon earrings, standing on top of a car between the sea of protesters, dubbed it as 'Kandaka' for the ancient Nubian queens used by Kush empire.

It became viral when the photographer Lana H. Aaron shared it on Twitter. These traditional earrings have become symbols of Sudan's female protesters. She represents gender and culture together; the reins of advice represent a working woman.

Why was he opposing?

Which she has barely enough for one day, their banks keep sending people only 500 SDGs in their pocket. Most of the time ATM machines do not have a cache. Its Sudanese conflict has been called a 'bread protest' because it was inspired by the increase in the value of the bread.


These women took the responsibility of protesting Bashir is public morality laws and voicing voice against harassment under corporal punishment. With the failure of this economy, the Sudanese people are fed up with the high rate of corruption and unemployment in the government. This Yusuf Elhag is a protector in the Khartoum of Sudan's capital, Al Jazeera.

Why it matters...

He tells our story to everyone in the world and prays for us to be better in Sudan. This photographer Haroun has also shared a video on his twitter account. Because her parents raised me to love our house, Salah told The Guardian. Since its inception, she is going out every day and is participating in demonstrations. She is very proud that his picture tells the people around the world about the revolution in Sudan. He will be happy only when the goal of opposing will be achieved. He is proud that he has contributed to Sudan's history by sharing the image.


Woman power

Such movements of women are widely participated not only for their rights, but for the rights of the entire community. This advice tweeted that we cannot revolutionize without women. We cannot do democracy without women This Isis Evans is a Nurse and Worker in New York City. This Tess Asplund was opposed to 300 uniformed Neo-Nazis, which became a prestigious image of the struggle against the far-off rise in Sweden in 2016.


Many women like Advice have become symbols of resistance in the past. There is no difference between the rights of women and their community rights, which they further told to the AFP. Smiling from the face of an English Defense League activist, this Saffiyah Khan became viral. This was another protest against the far-flung in 2015 in Birmingham, England. Which, she was shot by Baton Rouge Police. It became a symbol of the resistance of Black Lives Mater against the police brutality and the murder of Alton Sterling.

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