Market Update: Top Crypto Recovery Support as RVN Rallies

In other market operations, RVN is among the top performing markets of the last fortnight, which is up 145% from February 24. It has several crypto assets, which have rebounded to do business currently over the support sector last week. These major cryptocurrency markets are trying to regain the loss during Tuesday's dip.

BTC bounces back to the previous support zone

When its measurement from BTC's February 08 boom stopped 0.5 Fibonacci support in the 0.382 Fibonacci retracement field is doing resistance testing.

Currently, it is testing the resistance of BTCF is BitFinEx in the support range of $ 3,900 last week and its $ 3,800 on the Bitstamp. Its bitcoin core produced a 2% bounce today, and it is reclaiming the magnitude of Tuesday's loss.

Market Update: BTC / USD

It is sitting on the 80 threshold with stochastic RSI and its charting is below 20 thresholds on the daily chart. It is with the potentially visible markets on the weekly and three-day chart.

This stochastic RSI reflects inequality during the big time frame. BTC's market capitalization is currently $ 68.29 billion and its dominance is 51.8%.

Bitcoin Cash Invests $ 130


It is about $ 130 continuous oscillation between the support and resistance involved in the beginning of January. Its $ 130 zone has worked as a magnet field for BCH value action. After the bounce of 7% to erase yesterday's loss, this BCH is currently doing business of $ 132.

Market Update: BCH / BTC

When it is measured against BTC, BCH is doing resistance test at 0.034 BTC, a price level which includes a magnet field for price action from the beginning of January. It appears that this is testing resistance in the 0.5 Fibonacci retail areas after closing support in the BCH 0.618 area.

When it is measuring the recent rally from the beginning of February, This bitcoin cash currently has the sixth largest cryptocurrency with a capitalization of approximately $ 2.34 billion and is dominated by 1.77%.

Market Update: ETH / USD - ETH support turns into resistance at $ 140

It is sitting below $ 137 after receiving $ 9 yesterday with current prices. This Ethereum has held a rally to test the field of resistance last week. It appears to test resistance in 0.316 Fibonacci retracement areas after closing support in 0.618 Fibonacci areas.

This is at the level of $ 100 from the most recent bounce of ETH at the beginning of February. This Ethereum is the second largest crypto property with market capitalization of approximately $ 14.35 billion, and it is dominated by 10.8%. This ETH is currently trading for 0.035 BTC. When, it is measured against BTC.

RVN increases market cap ranking - Market Update: RVN / USD

It has been getting more than its 130% against the dollar since February 25, currently does business for $ 0.024. This RVN is one of the top beneficiaries of last week, despite having posted 10% retracement in the last 24 hours.

This Ravencoin is now the 62th largest crypto property with a capitalization of $ 69.07 million. It is currently trading with RVN for about 600 satoshis. When it was measured against BTC and this RVN received about 125% in about 10 days.


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