Lieutenant General Syed Ata says on the Muslim-Trolling Troll, I say to the community

He said that I am also from the community, and report it to News18. Explaining a simple fact, the country's Muslim community was attacking. Lieutenant General (Retd) Syed Ata Hasnain of the Indian Army has quieted Twitter Trolls. This online logic started when the General said that he would discuss about breaking of an alleged ISIS module in the television panel in UP and Delhi.


These tweets were in response to a response to the tweets of Islam called fundamentalist religions with institutional terrorism. They began to defame the Hindu Right-wing Muslim community completely. Its connectivity remained in any case of the General and with restraint, without giving its answer to its place.

When Gen. Hasnain told that the factors such as tampering with radical pastors at younger age and parental opinion can color the perceptions of some disgruntled youth. Although initially the users responded with the actual questions, the announcement was made that some Indian youth were motivated to join extremist, things soon became an ugly twist.


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