Julie Penrose Fountain: One Attraction the Beautiful Park

This fountain can be easily seen in the city Colorado Springs. Its size is of a four-storey building and it is not difficult to find this piece of public art, because it is a beautiful park in the US. It accelerates the life of water between the Earth and the atmosphere. This Julie Penrose Fountain is an impressive piece of sculpture fountain. It is weighing 24 tons of Julie Penrose Fountain or just the continent can be easily seen in the city Colorado Springs.


This beautiful art piece can make you visit this remarkable park. This is one of the two designers of the Berg Continental, who has worked on architectural design of the fountain. Its structural characteristics were controlled by architect David Barber. These 366 water jets have been prepared with the lining of the fountain's interior shape. It’s A Hidden Turntable Fountain Foundation, which rotates every fifteen minutes. It was dedicated to the American the Beautiful Park on 7 June 2007. This fountain is in the form of an open loop of silver colored steel panel.

Given its fountain, it appears that there is a curved line shape on a sufficient basis. This shape is said to inform the formal interest of Bill Burges with many linear elements. While the sculpture grows from a pool in which there is a delicate footprint to adjust the water rearrangement. Its water flows inside the rotating sculpture and goes to the wading pool.


It was made to pursue the passion of Julie Penrose for culture and art. Its organization was founded by Spencer and Julie Penrose, who help improve and promote the well-being of the residents of Colorado. Located in Colorado Springs, Penrose is one of the oldest private foundations in Rocky Mountain West. This construction of the Continuum of Julie Penrose Fountain was originally funded by the El Penrose Foundation.

This continuation was the result of one of the foundations of the foundation. This fountain was a substantial gift to Colorado Springs city. They are able to contribute $ 20 million annually to various non-profit organizations who focus on health, education, human services, civil and community initiatives, arts and humanities. It is apart from this that it is necessary for this fund to supply fountain and to ensure its safety for public use.


It has served as an attraction in the beautiful parks of America in addition to music and farming markets during the summer. All of which are necessary to guarantee continuous operation. Adding it to the city's budget was a bit expensive because it was necessary to separate the cost of fountain and its maintenance expenses for water replacement. Due to budgetary constraints at that time, this fountain alone could not be funded by Colorado Springs alone in the heart of the city. This Julie Penrose Fountain operates during the summer.

It is from 10 am to 6 pm daily. It is organized every Wednesday at 8 pm for a concert in Fountain Show Park. Their work is to raise money to ensure that Continuum will continue to entertain visitors of the park in the coming years to ensure that. Due to this function, an organization called Friends of Julie Penrose was established. Upon completion of these fountains, it has provided children and adults of Colorado Springs a free and safe entertainment.


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