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It's amazing that this beautiful village is situated in the desert: but this beautiful village is not less than a paradise!!

Today I’m going to tell you about such a beautiful village. We have forgotten the beauty of nature in the glare of the crowded cities. Whenever we are thinks of going somewhere,

in this way whenever we think of going somewhere to celebrate holidays. So the beauty of the beautiful place comes to mind.

This village is inhabited just eight kilometers from South Africa's 'Isa' city. The name of this village is 'huacachina'. Looking at this bright village surrounded by deserts from all four sides, the mind will be fascinated by anyone.

Surrounded by sand dunes all around this small village there is also a very beautiful lake. Your mind will be happy even after seeing this village shining between the waves circled in the dark during the night.

After the night in this village, it seems as if there is an overview of the paradise on earth. Like all the beauty has come here on this earth.

You will also be amazed at the facilities available here. This place has more resorts and restaurants than houses and about 100 people live in this wonderful and beautiful village.

Every person coming here wants brings a lot of enjoying living in this beautiful village. Here, many tourists from all over the world also enjoying the wonderful views of this place by coming here.

I hope; you'll like this information.

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