India: If it is Pakistan's 'Nai Soch' with Naya Pakistan: then it should do terror action against terror!

He said that this news has come from some newspapers and TV news-channels, New Pakistani thinkers should show new action against terror groups, apart from issuing notification in the gazette; they have to eliminate the terrorist structure. This Pakistan will be judged not by the words spoken by them but by the actions they take. He said that there are terror grounds on its soil and border cross-border terrorism. If Pakistan claims to is a new Pakistan with new thinking. It should demonstrate new action against terrorist groups. They will not allow Pakistan's land to be used against any country for terrorist purposes. This spokesman's statement came a day after Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan repeated the stand of his government. The Indian government spokesman said on Saturday that if Pakistan claims to be a "new Pakistan" with a new thought.

Addressing the media, he addressed the Indian Foreign Ministry spokesman Ravish Kumar. It failed to take any credible action against Pakistan-based Jaish-e-Mohammad and other terrorist organizations operating from its soil. Then "New Pakistan" should be shown as the duty of action against terrorist groups. It is regrettable that this Pakistan still denies the claim to take ownership of Jaish-e-Mohammed's Pulwama attack. The Foreign Minister of Pakistan said and he said that he has not taken responsibility for protecting Jaish-e-Mohammed and working as a spokesman for the Pulwama attack? The External Affairs Ministry spokesman has also rejected Pakistan's claim that its Air Force dropped two aircraft of the Indian Air Force. It was lost by us only one plane. Then why did they not share evidence with the international media? This Pakistan is spreading false propaganda, in which Kumar has said.

If Pakistan has a video recording of shooting of two Indian Air Force aircraft, then there is evidence that IAF pilot commander Abhinandan threw down his plane. On refusing to believe Pakistan, the Pakistan Air Force lost an F16 Fighter jet when it tried to target military facilities in India, Kumar said that US also wanted to check whether India was against the use of F16 is according to the terms and conditions of the sale. Their eyewitness testimony and its electronic evidence that it’s Pakistan deployed F-16 aircraft and one F16 was dropped down by Commander Congratulations.

If Pakistan has a claim to be "naïve" with "Naya Pakistan", then she should show "neutral action" against terror groups and cross-border terrorism in support of her claims. This statement of the Foreign Ministry spokesman comes a day after the Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said. This government will not allow the soil of the country to be used against any country for terrorist purposes. He said that Pakistan must take its credible, confirmed and enduring action against terrorist organizations. He said that the same script is being played in Pakistan which was witnessed after the 2001 terror attack on Parliament, it was after the 2008 attacks in Mumbai and Pathankot and Uri.


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