How did the snake lose its foot?

They are essentially activating those features which have already been in their DNA, just waiting for the right variables to speed up their growth. What does this mean? Only with some genetic mutations, some types of primitive snakes may be able to develop organs. Why and how these animals adopt such different evolutionary paths, it is a matter of scientific debate. Snakes and lizards are the two carrying members of the card.

But when the lizards bite the skull and water on fully formed feet, then the snakes choose for a deserted one. However one thing is certain that some snakes still carry genetic coding that allow them to develop legs and feet. Thanks too many genetic mutations that occurred more than 100 million years ago. So why these did snakes not lift the limbs and started walking through the bushes?


Behind this process the genetic mechanism essentially turns into a "closed" state, which is responsible for the development of organs. And before you ask, yes, it is actually the official name of Jean, because it is so called due to its fangs. Those mutations influenced the sonic hedgehog genes to particular genes. This SHH is active in lizards and results in feet and feet; it is inactive in snakes. This sonic hedgehog gene is important not only for organs,

but also provides guidance for their location within the limbs and growing animals. It still is retaining the echoes of those torn genes in their DNA. This caused the small genetic mutation to remove some lizards with their appendages, became a snake, how this reptile turned into genome, eventually a change in the phenotype or physical traits of organisms, which had some special types of manifestations come from.


It was a study published in nature communication in 2016. To indicate this change in genetic sequences, researchers compared the genome with other reptiles and vertebrates who have full limbs. He used to rely heavily on the genome of lizards, for which the sequence of genomes is completely genome.

These SHHs require those enhancements to fully develop organs; Lizards are DNA regulatory sequencers that can "flip" some genes during the development of an animal. It has not ended completely with primitive snakes. This increase was removed from the DNA sequences during development.


It is now virtually, which gives the lizards four feet to the wind. But in snakes, some python embryos also develop partial leg bones and feet plates, but these features breakaway much before the birth of the animal. In some snakes, traces of Enhance are still present, as well as another genus responsible for directing the development of the legs.

These peers are located under these snakes and you will be able to see very little residue of their feet and feet. There are still remaining signs that all the snakes are not ready with the idea of walking around with wearing small Nike shoes.


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