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750000 went to your account at SATOSHI FAUCETHUB.IO. But you must have account, let's use this link and sign up. Then get benefits directly in your FAUCETHUB account!

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You will be redirected to any Short link website where you will need to complete the required process after clicking "START AUTO CLAIM". After completing the short link, you will be sent back to our website and you will start receiving free coins at your faxing address.

Note: After starting Auto Claim, you have to keep your page open to get your free coins. If you close this tab then the tap will stop sending you any coins.

As long as it was linked to your FAUCETHUB account, we accept any type of dog-coin address!

Examples of Precepts

CURRENCY MIN clam MAX clam valid per minute
DOGECOIN; 675000 825000 5 minutes 24 hours
DOGECOIN; 1000000 1650000 10 minutes 24 hours

Just leave this page open and it will automatically refresh and send you more DOGECOIN every 5 minutes!

Selection CURRENCY and Settings


You can claim multiple tabs by using other currency and settings at the same time to earn more.


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