European Union launches international association of trusted blockchain applications

It is in accordance with a coincidence representative who participated in today's function in the European Commission in Brussels. The European Union announced on April 3 the launch of the International Association of Trusted Blockchain Application on its official website. Apart from this, the number of members belonging to Blockchain is Iota, Ripple, Consensus and the Sovrin Foundation. More than 100 members signing the charter include IBM, Accenture and Deutsche Telekom.


They are establishing the body to bring blockchains and are distributing the Leader technique in the mainstream. According to this announcement, INATBA aims to bring together industry startups, small and medium enterprises, regulators and standards. He said that the European Union is committed to promoting Blockchain is development. During this Brussels Festival, European Economist Mariya Gabriel for Digital Economy and Society mentioned.

To combat the cancer to balance the renewable energy in order to detect the authenticity of the goods, the actors should be able to rely on each other without meeting face to face. In today's economy it is less and the time has come in the past, there is less time to build trust. How can they get it? Of course it’s with the help of Blockchain.

The purpose of this INATBA is to develop a framework that promotes public and private sector cooperation, regulatory convergence, legal forecasts and ensures system integrity and transparency. The post of this body also notes that the new organization is ready to promote the use of decentralized technologies by establishing a dedicated regulatory framework. It’s as Cointelegraph reported in January, the European banking authority has recommended more research in cryptocurrency.

In its present function, it was noted that 48 additional organizations had applied for membership. In addition, in January, a member of the European Central Bank's governing council has warned that the cryptocurrency bubble has already started to collapse. They will work on the sector in a document focusing on the suitability and suitability of EU law for crypto-assets in 2019.


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