Does you know? How many countries are known by different names and what are those names? Examples: India, India, Hindustan?

It would be better to ask that which is not known by many names, here the list of countries can easily be made from A to Z, with many nicknames, previous names or translations. Like it is,

Afghanistan: As it is Afuhan
Bangladesh: Like it is Bengal, or East Pakistan
Belgium: Like its Flanders
Belize - like it is British Honduras
Burma: Like it is Myanmar
Cambodia: For example it is Kampuchia, or Kambuja
Canada: e.g. it’s New France
China: As it is Cathay, Catay, Cataya, Katai, Zhongguo, Zhonghua, Huaxia, Shenzhou, Jiuzhou, People's Republic of China, Kara, Kina ... its name: China name
Finland: As it is Suomi, Finrando, Finlandia
Germany: Like it is Deutschland, Doitsu, lAllemagne, Germania, Germania, and Greater Prussia
India: For example, it is Bharat, Hindustan
Iran: For example it is Persia
Japan: For example it is Nippon, Nihon
Korea: For example this is Joseon, Hanhuk, Choson
Netherlands: As it is in Holland, Frisia, and Friesland
Spain: For example it is Espana, Spanien
Sri Lanka: For example it is Ceylon
Switzerland: For example it is Suiza, Suisse, Schweiz, Svizzera, V Shivatsari, Suisu
Taiwan: For example, it’s Formosa, Republic of China
Thailand: As it is Siam
UK: Like it is in the United Kingdom, Britain, Great Britain, England, England, Angleterre, Albion, Inglaterrra, Igirisu, Inghilterra Inm, Yingguo, Inggris Raya, Lianhe Wangguo, Royaume-Uni, Vereinigtes Konigreich, Velikobritaniya, Angliya, Reino Unido, Regno Unito in, almamlakat almuttahidat 'iilaa, 'iinjiltira 'iilaa
United States: As it are America, America, and United States.
Vietnam: - As it is Indochina, Nam Viet is Vietnam
Yemen: It’s Sheba
Zaire: Like its Congo
Zimbabwe: Like it is Rhodesia


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