Diseases of fruits and vegetables spoilage


Some big people believe this with its idea of giving 'second skin' to contemporary production; Apple Sciences can help keep it contemporary because it is twice as long? There is bad food in the world. As the consumption of food for our country's 7.7 billion people for food consumption is estimated at $ 2.6 trillion per year, according to world estimates. Almost a billion people around the world do not have enough food to eat. There are several reasons for this to be bad, one is major. There is a food wastage problem in these worlds. It is in spite of producing more food than any previous point in the history of our planet. This is two of the main contributing factors of food spoilage. This is a concept that has won the Foundation's choice, contributed with an initial research grant of $ 100,000.

The building on that success, the company has now raised a total of $ 110 million from other investors, who buy it in its potentially changing world-changing concept. These Apeel Sciences of the headquarters believe that it can do. Its focus is to reduce the water loss and oxidation to grab the hook of a concept to give fresh produce to the second skin. Does this venture work to help financial firms? Which it has attracted the attention of some of the world's most charitable people? This can be an innovative world-wide startup.


For years, farmers are spreading crops with pesticides like chemicals, so that they can be preserved in some way. Is it on paper or should it be on production? What Apeel Sciences is doing, this is no different from the treatment of new product that is already happening. These are Apples bananas, Apples Avocados, Epile Bell papers and Apples are green beans. These Apples have developed their own water-based solution and its design can either be sprayed directly on production or submerged in production.

So it's too far, so it's normal. It is that in the last 40 years the number of chemicals applied to supermarket vegetable crops has increased by 17 xs. It’s as long as it will be without the need for these refrigeration. This FDA-approved skin-like barrier can keep the food twice fresh. It is composed of fatty acids and organic compounds obtained from seeds of pulp, peel, and other fruits and vegetables. The difference is that, once the dry skin is dry and its flavorless coating, the second skin is formed.


Which is a thick skin, stays longer than a strawberry? And can we help a strawberry to live like a lemon for a while? Head of Marketing for Apeel Sciences has told digital trends. It does not matter whether it is rose or raspberry, or lemon or fig. This insight, which brings us here, is that each plant located above the surface of the water has a thin coetaneous layer on the outer side; this layer is made of the same basic material. Is the composition different? In his APL sciences he is looking at what lemon makes.

However, after living in the podcast about global hunger, he started researching for this reason, which turned out to be bad food. It was initially focused on developing an energy-saving solar paint that would help in the democratization of clean energy. This appellation was established by the current CEO in 2012, which came up with consideration while working towards PhD in Materials Sciences at Barbara. This Rogers demolished his dream of solar paint and instead canceled his efforts to focus on the challenge of how best is to prevent food spoilage.


These food waste problems are very painful in some parts of the world without refrigeration. Its pilot is included in the study in which the company had treated Avocados with Adaptable, this food waste decreased by 50 percent. These results are safe to say, almost certainly surpassing their initial expectations. Over 8 million avocados have been treated in total Apeel. Although it is not yet available on commercial products, the same coating can be prepared for strawberries, mangoes, apples, bananas, kumguats, citrus and asparagus.

There may be more ways in it. We can already treat these avocados with the formation of the Apeel, which is currently available in the U.S. Grocery stores are available for sale at all. These include Kroger, Costco and Harps Food Stores. So when will the real customers really get to try it? If you live in your states then there is good news. Then you leave them for one day and they get spoiled.

It is a piece of produce that people understand the importance of cooking at that time. This is the cost of a single avocado a pair of bucks, and the problem of spoilage is very big. This avocado was a wonderful class to prove the power of this technique that Masek explained. They are a high value item for shopkeepers. You know that making fun of Avocado: They are not ready at all, are not ready, not ready.


This is the biggest potential impact of the company but it is in other parts of the world. Its pending bugs are due to the approval of Apeel-Treated Avocado by the middle of 2019 to reach some stores in Germany, Belgium, Denmark, Sweden and Norway. While this world will be an important consideration for the Apeel, its more global plans are in the running. It is in the same way that Avocados is a proof of concept in a nutshell, so the same can be said about the market.

In its Sub-Saharan Africa, they can harvest up to 90 percent of crop damage. In the US these food waste loss is estimated between 30 to 40 percent. These food waste problems are very painful in some parts of the world without refrigeration. Its infrastructure does not exist in its many places. It has a refrigeration system that keeps the food fresh from the farm to the store. Here in the world they have access to what they are called cold chains.


This is something that can make it more convenient for consumers around the world. It’s without compromising their yield in its process. Its appeal, though it is the benefit of achieving its goals without the use of genetic modification. For this example, it also has sponsored work, which uses water from 25 percent water, uses gene editing to improve its efficiency. This does not mean that this is the only initiative that the Gates Foundation is involved in an effort to tackle the world's hunger.

All different types of chemicals called Masek said. Nature is looking at what they are doing to see how it resolves this problem. They want to solve our own food problems a bit more like nature. It is no doubt that the project attracted attention due to this reason. It’s focused on ways to help in whose charitable work sometimes referred to as the developing world.

There are so many ways that they already try and get fresh fruits and vegetables, which transport them from various forms of packaging to store them from the farm in the protected state for long periods to run from the large refrigerated trucks. . Can it survive to the transformational potential of your concept? They have to wait and see. This Apeel is not the only attempt to solve this problem, but its second skin concept is definitely a unique innovation.


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