Clear future for India's visually and global blindness impaired

These categories: cash will be available to all users by cash, mobile phones, social inclusion.

This RBI expects that with this planned mobile application, it will enable citizens to easily identify and calculate bills with a visual impairment. Presently, banknotes of the denomination of 10 rupees, 20, 50, 100, 200, 500 and 2000 rupees are in circulation, where more than Rs. 100 notes are equipped with intaglio identification marks for visually impaired.

According to a study published online in 2017 by The Lancet Global Health Journal, an additional 0.50% increase is expected by 2020. In India alone, there were 7.2 million blind people in 1990 which increased to 8.8 million in 2015.

Successful letter from literature review


It summarizes the estimated number of blind and visually impaired and related prevalence table "1972-2010"


This summary table of estimates and prevalence of global blindness


The global cause of blindness is the percentage of total blindness: 1990 to 2010 almost.


There is no denying that visual impairment limits not only the ability of people to see clearly, but also demonstrates that it should be the simplest in daily activities too. This is helping the Reserve Bank of India develop a mobile-based solution for the preferred vendors so that India can easily identify Banknote notes.

This Reserve Bank of India (RBI) is looking at a mobile phone-based solution to help visionaries easily identify Indian banknotes. Because it is home to one-fourth of India's total 36 million blind populations, it is taking a step further with technological progress for a good purpose.

Apart from its many other things and it is clear that this device will affect the life of the blind people positively. This device should ideally be small and sophisticated so that it is able to hold in the hand and to differentiate between each sect within a few seconds.

Comparison of study methods


1990-2010 due to blindness


Definition of blindness and visual impairment in ICD-10 (2010)


Definitions of blindness and visual impairment in ICD-9 and ICD-10 from 1995 to 2010.


These guidelines include an integrated system of Banknotes with an integrated system that speaks loud to the user (in Hindi or English). This is an idea that is originally outlined in June 2018; the RBI is now trying to bring it into life by starting a tender for the development of such a device.

These governments around the world have made their own share by using unique methods for blind people to identify currency notes of different sects to improve the lives of blind people. In countries like Canada, Australia and Malaysia, each currency note has different accessibility features.

These are potential points for the assistance of blind for the RBI and other national banks. Its world was celebrated on 4th January with Braille Day, is now catching pace and rolling in action to raise awareness of the challenges facing the visually impaired 1.3 billion people worldwide. Although it came back in 2011, while the US developed a mobile application called Eye-Note which recognizes the American currency.


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