Bitwise explains: SEC crypto is not against ETF

Bitwise unique bitcoin ETF is propose

This bitcoin also gives some ideas on how the industry is annuitizing ETF and what is needed is one. Contributing to Anthony blog, the team of this bitwise asset management gave some great insight on the SEC and this is the thought process by regulators on the ETC. This SEC wants to be absolutely sure because it gives investors access to crypto markets. It usually takes time to approve the "first" ETF in every category, which has come out in front of it. In the last few years of this, SEC bitcoin has been delayed by ETF and it has been unkind to deny. But the latest entry in this race of Bitcoin ETF bitcoin Asset Management seems to be that SEC is not anti-crypto.

The main reason for this kind of approach to the SEC comes from the fact that there has been a lot of delay in approving the first bitcoin ETF to the regulator. According to this post, the industry is facing the biggest misunderstanding while discussing the approach for a crypto currency ETF. It is believed that the SEC is basically anti-crypto. But if you look at history, every "first" in the ETF industry had to wait several years before crossing the line.

It downs the bitwise list "First" and it's time to cross each other. In this there is more than six years between the first filing and the first SEC approval for a leveraged ETF. Prior to this, despite the launch of the ETF and important efforts in the interim, between the launch of the first Fixed-Income ETF between nine years and actively managed ETF and the approval of the first active ETF between the publication of the SEC's first "ideological release" About six years

Bitwise asset management background

Even like self-indexing and commodities, the relatively fast acceptances for innovation still take a lot of time to come into acceptance. According to this post, it may be that "the fastest" "bullion" is the "first" gold, because it took "only" two years from the idea to launch the first US-listed Gold bullion ETF. However, that speed was the cost. According to this Wall Street Journal, the World Gold Council spent $ 14 million in developing the fund.

It is not mentioned that gold is such a property that has been for thousands of years, or that gold bullion ETF has been launched for the first time in Australia. Seeing the fact that this bitwise has revealed, it seems that the SEC may delay, only its questions have been sorted out and it is confident enough that the investor's interest in this process is secure. But of course Bitcoin ETF will be approved.


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