Best Android apps to be used in the new year 2019

It is with the beginning of the New Year. I wanted to share 4 brand new apps for you with Android. It seems that as soon as there is an app for everything literally. There developers are constantly coming up with new ideas.

We are living in a technological age which continues to evolve with every coming year. I found these the most useful and interesting, both free and with the different areas of activity connected for payment.


This app is paid 3.5 dollars a month and its 39.99 are mostly dollars per year, and only free feature is for masked emails. This app allows you to hide your credit card information, as well as the email address and phone number.

You can store all your passwords in blur. This blurred cyber security problem is now urgently needed as before. Thus, this Blur has come at a right time and it would be useful for many people.


Well this app is absolutely free. This feature is actually included in the Instagram itself, but a different app is more convenient for those wishing long videos. When you can only watch short videos on Instagram

and even small on Instagram stories, IGTV lets you view full-time content that can be up to 1 hour in length. This is the new development of Instagram that has targeted the original video as long as the actual TV.

YouTube Music

This is free for YouTube music downloads. But its offline listening facility gives you $ 9.99 per month and "1 month free" This app provides access to a variety of songs to users, currently making personalized track lists

its track lists of the most popular songs. Of course, we cannot leave "Music" from one of the most popular video content of this platform from YouTube Music.

Google Home

With its Google Home, we can basically control everything in your house using only one app and it's free. This app manages all the smart devices in the house: from light to TV. There are hundreds of gadgets from different brands in its database.

This Google-Home has already recorded its presence in the article. This is undoubtedly one of the biggest developments in recent times.


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