Artist welcome Steampunk animal statues from scrap metal

This is Tomas Vitanovsky says that the Czech-born artist told that he was a motorcycle stunt driver initially, and that his excellent work of art started with a love for all cars and motorcycles. He became 45 years old, got the idea of welding them together. When he was picking out some used engine parts from motorbike.

In order to earn livelihood, they started changing gear, tuning, and fixing bikes into incredible steampunk animals. Before that he began to change long-abandoned bearings, gears and chains in incredible steampunk animals. Then it is the process of finding the right scrap bit to bring it to the right reality, even when it is not always a direct process.

After its completion, they have great sensation of fulfillment and pride, and often it becomes difficult to let them go. Then the artist has said that his techniques have improved and the work of his art has become more complex and detailed. He wrote last year on Bach Panda that he loves the feeling when an image pops up in his mind.

All pieces are made of recycled car and motorbike parts, "certain special bits" are searched in car-boot sales, and some parts are donated by people. This Tomas has completed more than 30 sculptures now and he continues to improve his craft and it is currently shown by the First Art Gallery in the United Kingdom. You can find their works available for purchase.


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